Media Listing July 2016


UN agency calls for investment in rural Africa to curb migration: UN’s International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) urge African and EU government to invest more in Africa’s rural areas to improve agricultural production, create jobs and stem the flow of economic migrants. (Coastweek – 01/07/2016)

Arms dealers emerge big winners in Europe’s refugee crisis: A new research by the Transnational Institute, indicates that firms that provide Europe with security infrastructure to deal with the refugee influx are among the biggest arms sellers to the areas of conflict that have the largest outflow of migrants. (The Wire – 04/07/2016)

EU development aid to finance armies in Africa: According to this article, the European Commission plans to finance foreign armies in partner countries as part of a larger effort to stop people from fleeing to Europe, including in countries with poor human rights records. (EU Observer – 05/07/2016)

Smugglers ‘harvest’ migrants’ organs if they cannot pay fare: A testimony from an Eritrean smuggler arrested in Italy in 2014, reveals that African migrants who cannot pay for their passage are killed for their organs which the smugglers sell for up to USD 15,000 to wealthy Arabs. (The Australian – 06/07/2016)

Network smuggling people from terror hotbeds to the Americas busted: Central American authorities dismantle a criminal network which smuggles migrants into the United States from countries in Africa, Asia and Middle East. Migrants reportedly paid $7,000 to $25,000 for the entire trip into the United States. (Breitbart News – 11/07/2016)

After Warsaw: A 3-point plan to manage migration through Libya: The author of this opinion article proposes a three point plan to manage the influx of migrants through Libya. These include signing a MoU with countries on both sides of the Mediterranean to manage the crisis on sea, supporting Libya to rebuild its judiciary and security system and multilateral agreement with countries of transit and/or origin south of Libya. (ECFR – 12/07/2016) 

Focus on 'glamorous' farming to combat migrant flight from Africa: Former Nigerian president Olesegun Obasanjo urges African governments to help change perceptions of farming as “condemnation to poverty” and make farming attractive and glamorous to young people to stem the exodus of migrants to Europe. (Reuters – 15/07/2016)

Why don't Syrian refugees stay in Turkey? This article answers some questions about why Syrians are prepared to risk drowning at sea to reach Europe after crossing the border into Turkey. (BBC News – 15/07/2016)

Six wealthiest countries host less than nine per cent of world's refugees: According to a report by Oxfam, the UK, United States, France, Germany, China and Japan, which make up 56.6 per cent of global GDP between them, host 2.1 million refugees and asylum seekers, or 8.89 per cent of the world's total. (The Independent – 18/07/2016)

AU to roll out visa-free travel for all member states in two years: The African Union is set to introduce visa-free travel to all member states by 2018. Currently, only 13 African countries have reciprocal visa-free deals in place. (The Standard – 19/07/2016)

East Mediterranean migrant arrivals in June drop by 95% compared with 2015: In a statement released by Frontex, the number of migrants arriving via the eastern Mediterranean route in June decreased by 95% compared with the same period of last year. This is attributed to the stricter border controls and the EU-Turkey migrant deal reached in March 2016. (Sputnik News – 19/07/2016)

Thailand deports Cambodian migrants: More than 280 Cambodian migrants have been deported from Thailand in July 2016 for illegally living and working in the country. Authorities announced that they would start a nationwide crackdown on illegal migrants in industrial zones, noting that the number of illegal migrant workers was out of control. (Khmer Times – 25/07/2016)

Over 3,000 migrant drownings since beginning of 2016: IOM indicates that the year 2016 might be the deadliest for Mediterranean crossings due to the death rate which has risen significantly compared to 2015. More than 3,000 people have lost their lives while trying to reach Europe since the beginning of the year. (DW News – 26/07/2016)

UNICEF: Europe fails to protect refugee children: In a statement to the media, UNICEF expresses concern over unwillingness by European countries to take responsibility for dealing with unaccompanied migrant children arriving in Europe. "Investments in protection services are going to pay off for the children and their families, as well as for the communities in the long run." Read the statement. (Sputnik News – 26/07/2016)

Deportations stall as North African nations won’t accept their own migrants’ back: In this article, Germany criticizes North African countries for refusing to accept migrants who have been deported from Germany. The government regards the Maghreb states as safe countries therefore asylum seekers from these countries cannot claim asylum in Germany. (Breitbart News – 27/07/2016)

Colombia to deport hundreds of Cuban immigrants: Colombian government is set to launch a repatriation program targeting hundreds of migrants from Cuba along with those from African countries. Many migrants transit through Colombia and other Central American countries in an attempt to reach the US. (PanAm Post – 27/07/2016) 

Climate victims - every second, one person is displaced by disaster: According to Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) about 26 million people are displaced by disasters such as floods and storms every year, even though climate change and related extreme weather events receives a tiny fraction of mainstream media attention. In 2015, more than 19.2 million people fled disasters in 113 countries. (All Africa – 27/07/2016)

US and Mexico's mass deportations have fueled humanitarian crisis, report says: A report by International Crisis Group (ICG) indicate that mass deportations and inadequate asylum procedures in Mexico and the US have fuelled a humanitarian crisis where desperate Central Americans fleeing violence are routinely preyed upon by criminal gangs and corrupt officials. In 2015, Mexico deported 165,000 Central Americans, while the US expelled 75,000. (The Guardian – 28/07/2016)

In the same boat, but not in reality: This article by the Norwegian Refugee Council explores why refugees and other migrants are treated differently on arriving in Europe, even though most of them arrive in the same boats. The article notes that in most countries, entitlement to protection is based on definitions in international conventions. (NRC – 28/07/2016)

Child migrants 'forced into prostitution and hard labour' as unaccompanied arrivals to EU surge: Save the Children release a report ‘Invisible Little Slaves’ which indicate that child migrants as young as 13 are being forced into prostitution, criminal activity and years of hard labour to repay unscrupulous traffickers for their journey. (The Telegraph – 29/07/2016)


Hungary sentences 10 migrants for illegal border crossing: A Hungarian court sentences 10 migrants to jail terms for illegally crossing the border during a riot in September 2015, after Hungary built a razor wire fence to seal its frontier with Serbia. The migrants will be expelled after serving their terms and barred from re-entering Hungary for several years. (The Star – 01/07/2016)

People leaving Egypt to Italy doubled in past year: Frontex expresses concern over an increase in departures from Egypt to Italy noting that more people are likely to die because the journey via the Mediterranean Sea takes more than ten days. (EU Observer – 01/07/2016)

Amendments to Swedish law leave about 1,700 asylum seekers homeless: According to this article, an estimated 1,700 unsuccessful asylum seekers were left on the streets in Sweden following an amendment to asylum rules which cut off access to accommodation and daily monetary allowance to rejected asylum seekers. (Sputnik News - 06/07/2016)

EU Parliament green-lights new border guard agency: The European Parliament endorses plans for a new border and coastguard agency to help manage thousands of migrants and asylum seekers fleeing to Europe. This is part of the measures under the European Agenda on Migration to reinforce the management and security of the EU’s external borders. (Malta Today – 06/07/2016)

Europe’s plan endangers foreigners in Libya: Human Rights Watch caution that the EU and NATO efforts to curb migration flows from Libya risks condemning migrants and asylum seekers to violent abuse at the hands of government officials, militias and criminal gangs in Libya. (Human Rights Watch – 06/07/2016)

Italy recovers 217 bodies from wreck of migrant boat that sank in 2015: Italian emergency workers recover 217 bodies from the wreck of a boat that sank in the Mediterranean Sea in April 2015, killing an estimated 500 migrants and asylum seekers. (The World Post – 07/07/2016)

EU list of safe countries of origin to replace national lists in 3 years: EU parliament endorses a decision to establish a common list of safe countries of origin, to help member states process asylum applications faster and consistently. The common list will replace current national lists after a three year transition period.  (European Parliament News – 07/07/2016)

Greece's stranded refugees fear being forgotten: This article highlights the plight of migrants and asylum seekers trapped in Greece following the EU-Turkey migrant deal of March 20, 2016. (BBC – 07/07/2016)

EU to propose new refugee law: The European Commission is set to unveil a new plan to resettle refugees from outside the EU to member states. EU migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said the EU wants "a structured common system to pool European resettlement efforts more systematically." (EU Observer - 08/07/2016)

Almost 96,000 unaccompanied minors sought asylum in EU in 2015 – agency: The European Asylum Support Office (EASO) annual report indicates that a total of 95,985 unaccompanied minors applied for international protection in EU in 2015. According to the report, unaccompanied children accounted for 7% of total number of asylum seekers registered in same period. (RT News – 08/07/2016)

Amnesty: EU’s asylum policy – a cynical attempt to strengthen fortress Europe: Amnesty International express concern over the proposed EU-wide resettlement framework arguing that it risks rolling back basic protections for refugees and asylum seekers. (New Europe – 14/07/2016)

Italian Coastguards rescue 3,400 migrants off Libyan shore: Italian coastguards rescue a total of 3,400 migrants and asylum seekers in the Mediterranean Sea near the Libyan shore as they attempted to reach Europe. (Sputnik News – 21/07/2016)

Leading Danish politician calls for ban on Muslim asylum seekers: A leading Danish politician sparks outrage across the political spectrum after calling on the country to deny entry to Muslim migrants for up to six years following recent terrorist attacks across Europe. (DW – 27/07/2016)

Austria ready for 100km border fence with Hungary: Austria is set to build a 100 kilometre fence along its eastern border with Hungary in efforts to prepare for a possible repeat of last summer when thousands of asylum seekers and migrants arrived in Europe. (The Local Europe – 22/07/2016)

Germany expects rise in political asylum claims after Turkish coup attempt: Following a failed coup attempt in Turkey, German authorities expect thousands of Turks to apply for political asylum in the coming months, potentially creating a new influx of refugees. (The Guardian – 22/07/2016)

Internet in Greek migrant camps as important as food, water: aid groups: According to NetHope, an alliance of aid group and tech companies that provide ICT services during humanitarian crisis, most asylum seekers and migrants in Greece’s camps firstly ask for internet access or where to charge phones and not whether there was food or water. Migrants use internet to plan their journeys, apply for asylum or communicate with their families and friends. (Reuters – 22/07/2016)

Hundreds of migrants marching to Hungary border in protest: Hundreds of migrants and asylum seekers march towards Serbia’s border with Hungary to protest its decision to keep its borders closed for most people trying to reach European Union. (New York Times – 22/07/2016)

EU relaxes trade rules with Jordan to create jobs for Syrian refugees: The EU has reportedly relaxed trade rules with Jordan in return for allowing thousands of Syrian refugees to work in its companies. Jordanian manufacturers that employ Syrian refugees will pay less or no duties on many of their export to EU for the next ten years. (Reuters – 21/07/2016)

Hungary launches new anti-migrant media offensive: Ahead of a referendum in October on EU relocation programme, Hungarian government launches a media campaign blaming the recent terrorist attacks in Europe on the refugee crisis. (Breitbart News – 20/07/2016)

Italy launches anti-refugee campaign to warn asylum seekers against coming to Europe: Italy launches a media campaign dubbed “Aware Migrants” to warn asylum seekers and migrants considering to travel to Europe of the perils they face. (Press TV – 28/07/2016)

Barcelona unveils 'shame counter' tracking refugee deaths in the Mediterranean: The mayor of Barcelona launches a real-time “shame counter” to track the number of migrants and asylum seekers who die while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. At the time of the launch the counter showed the figure 3,034. (IBT – 29/07/2016)

Amnesty International warns Germany over deportations: Amnesty International caution the German government that deporting migrants to ‘crisis countries’ could be a clear violation of international law. This follows calls by politicians across Germany for stricter asylum rules and hastening of deportations. (Breitbart News – 28/07/2016)


Egypt facing 'unprecedented' challenges to human rights: NCHR report: The National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) releases a report which among other issues details human rights violations faced by Egyptians working in other Arab countries. These include unjust dismissal from work, undocumented immigration, human smuggling and trafficking and death. (Egypt Independent – 03/07/2016)

Navy foils illegal immigration by 179 persons: Egypt’s coastguard intercept 179 migrants on board a fishing boat as they attempted to cross the Mediterranean Sea to southern Europe. The migrants were from Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Guinea, Ghana and Comoros Islands. (Egypt Independent – 11/07/2016)


Ethiopia: EU pledge of 100 million euro to stem Ethiopian migrant flow: The EU through its EU Trust Fund, makes a pledge of 100 million euros to curb the flow of migrants fleeing Ethiopia. The fund is expected to mitigate the push factors through the creation of jobs for potential migrants. (Geeska Africa – 08/07/2016)

Rights group seeks accountability as Ethiopia wins 2-year UNSC term: Human rights groups criticize Ethiopia’s election to a non-permanent UNSC seat alleging human rights violation by the government including stifling political dissent and jailing journalists and political opponents. (Voice of America – 05/07/2016)

Ethiopia’s earnings from remittances on the rise: Ethiopia’s Foreign Affairs ministry announces that remittances are growing at unprecedented levels. The country received $4 billion in 2016, exceeding the country’s trade export earnings. In 2015, Ethiopia received $3.7 billion from remittances. (Sudan Tribune – 25/07/2016)

Ethiopian survivors of deadly smuggling tragedy in Zambia return: IOM provides voluntary repatriation assistance to 25 stranded Ethiopians intercepted in Zambia while trying to reach South Africa. The returnees were among the 79 survivors found in a containerized truck that claimed the lives of 19 Ethiopian migrants in June 2016. (NBE – 27/-7/2016)



Remittances to Eritrea shrink as refugees spend money on helping others leave: According to this article, remittances to Eritrea, once estimated to account for about a third of country’s GDP, are shrinking as Eritreans in diaspora spend money to finance people fleeing the country instead of supporting relatives at home. (AFK Insider – 14/07/2016)



Netanyahu’s East Africa tour and Israel’s secret aid-for-asylum-seekers scheme: This article reviews the recent visit by Israel’s PM to East Africa arguing that in addition to official agenda, it is likely that PM Netanyahu discussed secret agreements with Uganda and Rwanda regarding the transfer of Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers from Israel. (African Arguments – 20/07/2016)

Israel yet to approve single asylum request in 2016 as 15,000 wait: A freedom of information request submitted by Amnesty International and a local media to the Israel government reveals that Israeli government continues to reject almost all asylum requests it receives, despite thousands of African asylum seekers waiting for an answer, some for years. (Newsweek – 21/07/2016)


Kenyans launches platform to co-ordinate over migration issues: The Kenyan government launches the National Migration Coordination Mechanism (NCM), a government led inter-agency coordination platform that will be in charge of migration issues in the country. (Coastweek – 20/07/2016)


Refugees and migrants fleeing sexual violence, abuse and exploitation in Libya: Amnesty International release horrifying accounts of sexual violence, killings, torture and religious persecutions faced by migrants along smuggling routes to and through Libya. (01/07/2016)

Libyan coastguards catch more than 100 Sudanese migrants: Libya’s coastguard detain more than 500 migrants from Africa as they attempted to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. Among those arrested were more than 100 Sudanese nationals. (All Africa -08/07/2016)

IOM repatriates stranded Guinean migrants from Libya: IOM in collaboration with Guinea’s Embassy in Libya facilitate the voluntary repatriation of 173 stranded Guinean migrants from Libya. Most of the migrants had been detained for months at the Abu Sleem detention center near Tripoli. (IOM Press – 15/07/2016)

Migrants rescued on journey from Libya to Europe: Thousands of migrants are rescued in a single day by joint EU naval forces as they attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea from Libya. Most of the migrants originated from Eritrea, Nigeria, Somalia, Gambia, South Sudan, Pakistan, Egypt, Mali and elsewhere. (Libya Prospect – 22/07/2016)




IOM identifies over 430,000 internally displaced in Somalia: IOM pilots the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) in Somalia and identify a total of 430,062 IDPs in seven districts namely Afmadow, Balcad, Belet Weyne, Borama, Doolow, Jowhar and Kismayo. (IOM Press – 12/07/2016)

Somalia: Tension rises between Puntland and Somaliland in Sanaag: According to this article, hundreds of people in Sanaag region have reportedly fled their houses as tension mounts between Somaliland and Puntland forces. (All Africa – 21/07/2016)

South Africa

South Africa launches Green Paper on International Migration: South Africa launches the Green Paper on International Migration to address the gaps and challenges contained in the current international migration framework articulated in 1999. (All Africa – 01/07/2016)

Biometric system expected to curb human trafficking: South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs is set to roll out biometric capturing system at ports of entry an initiative that is expected to decrease cases of human trafficking. (EWN – 08/07/2016)

16 girls rescued from human traffickers: South Africa authorities rescue sixteen girls from a human trafficking ring in Kempton Park and detain four suspected men. Some of the girls had been kidnapped and others lured with a promise of jobs. (ENCA – 16/07/2016)

South Africa: SA, Zambia sign MOU to safeguard migrant workers' rights: South African and Zambian governments sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to safeguard the rights of workers and migrant workers from the two countries. (All Africa – 20/07/2016)

57 young Malawians rescued from human traffickers:   South African security forces rescue 57 young Malawians between the ages of 11 and 21 and detain three Malawian nationals suspected of trafficking them. (ENCA – 26/07/2016)

Botswana officials ‘brutalise, deport’ illegal Zimbabwean migrants: Botswana police and chiefs have been accused of allegedly harassing and assaulting illegal migrants from Zimbabwe, before forcing them to walk long distances back to their country. (Chronicle – 27/07/2016)


South Sudan

South Sudan: UN expert appalled by attacks on IDPs and civilians and urges for cessation of hostilities: The UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of internally displaced persons (IDPs), Chaloka Beyani, condemns the recent attacks on IDPs and civilians in South Sudan calling for the cessation of hostilities and implementation of the Peace Agreement. (EIN News – 12/07/2016)


Sudanese force arrests '300 illegal immigrants' near Libya: Sudanese authorities announce the arrest of more than 300 migrants who were heading to Libya across the desert in the Northern State. Sudan has deployed the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in northern Sudan to curb human and drug trafficking by criminal networks. (All Africa – 05/07/2016)

Saudi Arabia stops 31 African migrants in Red Sea: Saudi coastguards intercept 31 migrants reportedly from Sudan as they attempted to enter Saudi Arabia via the Red Sea from Sudan’s coastal areas. (Ahram Online – 12/07/2016)

Sudan’s RSF militia arrests 600 illegal migrants near Libyan and Egyptian border: Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) announce that they have intercepted about 600 Ethiopian illegal migrants near the country’s border with Libya and Egypt. Earlier this year, the EU granted Sudan a 100 million euro development package to address the root causes of irregular migration in Sudan. (Sudan Tribune – 31/07/2016)


Interpol warns Ugandan migrant workers: Interpol in Uganda expresses concern over the abuse of Ugandan migrant workers, which has sometimes led to deaths, by their employers, especially in Gulf countries. In 2015, at least 10 women reportedly lost their lives at the hands of their employers. (The African Report – 07/07/2016)

4,000 South Sudanese flee to Uganda daily: The UNHCR reports that at least 4,000 South Sudanese nationals are fleeing to Uganda every day following an escalation of conflict in South Sudan. (The African Report – 26/07/2016)


IOM voluntarily returns 150 vulnerable migrants from Yemen back to Ethiopia: IOM resumes its evacuation operations in Yemen with the voluntary repatriation of 150 Ethiopian migrants from Hodeidah, western Yemen, to their home country via Obock port in Djibouti. (IOM News – 15/07/2016)

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