Lebanese police free 75 girls from sex traffickers: Security forces in Lebanon rescue 75 girls mostly Syrians from a human trafficking network in Beirut. 10 men and 8 women suspected to be involved in the trafficking network were detained. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 01/04/2016)

Migrant smugglers use Facebook to promote Turkey-Italy trips bypassing sealed Balkan route: According to this article, migrant smugglers turn to Facebook to promote a new route from Turkey to Italy following a crackdown on irregular migrants on the Balkan route. (RT News – 02/04/2016)

Migration in Africa - issues, challenges and opportunities: A high-level panel event organized by UNECA on migration in Africa, makes a range of recommendations including, the need for African countries to leverage on benefits of migration, promoting dialogue among countries and enhancing protection for migrants in transit and destination countries. (All Africa – 02/04/2016)

Governing migrant smuggling: a criminality approach is not sufficient: In this opinion article, the author argues that an increased focus on migrant smuggling as an issue of criminality and insecurity is insufficient and instead calls for a more nuanced understanding of the socio-economics of people smuggling. (Open Democracy – 06/04/2016)

More than 30,000 displaced in Congo left without aid - agency: According to Norwegian Refugee Council, more than 30,000 people displaced by fighting in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo have been left without aid due to ongoing insecurity. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 07/04/2016)

African rights chief calls for migrant protection in EU: AU Commissioner on Human and Peoples’ Rights expresses her concern over treatment of refugees arriving in the EU. “They should ensure that the fundamental rights of these migrants are protected,” Pansy Tlakula said. (Anadolu Agency – 07/04/2016)

Bringing Europe’s migration crisis under control: In this opinion article, George Solos identifies four fundamental flaws from the recent EU-Turkey migrant deal and argues for a comprehensive asylum policy in which about 300,000 – 500,000 refugees would be admitted every year at a budget of at least euro 30 billion. (Project Syndicate – 10/04/2016)

Asylum seekers focus on Sudan as gateway to Europe: Following the crackdown on irregular movements on the eastern Mediterranean route, Syrian asylum seekers and migrants are increasingly turning to alternative routes to reach Europe such as Sudan, where Syrians are allowed to enter without visa. (Vocativ – 12/04/2016)

Richest states must lift migration aid, say IMF and World Bank: IMF and the World Bank calls on the rich countries to do more to help countries in the Middle East and North Africa cope with the influx of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. (Financial Times – 14/04/2016)

The refugee policy the EU needs today: The author of this opinion article highlights three priorities for EU to address the refugee and migrant crisis. These includes the need to control inflows on the Aegean Sea, resettling Syrian refugees from Turkey and helping refugees rebuild their lives. (Carnegie Europe – 15/04/2016) 

Swaziland deports Zimbabwean illegal migrant: Swaziland deports for the second time a Zimbabwean migrant after serving a six month sentence for unlawful presence in the country. (Star Africa – 15/04/2016)

More than 400 refugees 'drown in Mediterranean' after boats capsize crossing from Egypt to Italy: More than 400 migrants mostly from Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia reportedly drown in the Mediterranean Sea after their boats capsized en-route Italy from Egypt. (The Independent – 18/04/2016)

Global migration trends 2015 factsheet: IOM releases the Global Migration Trends 2015 Factsheet which presents a snapshot of the major migration trends worldwide for the year 2015. (IOM Press – 20/04/2016)

How EU asylum offers increased by 72 per cent between 2014 and 2015: According to Eurostat, more than 330,000 people were granted asylum in EU in 2015 – a 72% increase compared to 2014. The three main countries from which refugees were granted asylum were Syria (49.8%), Eritrea (8.3%) and Iraq (7.1%). (The Telegraph – 20/04/2016)

Somali migrant trafficker and serial rapist sentenced to 30 years: The Palermo Court of Appeals sentence a Somali migrant smuggler to 30 years in jail on charges of human trafficking and criminal racketeering aimed at illegal migration and sexual violence. The smuggler was the captain of the vessel that sank off the coast of Lampedusa in October 2013 in which 336 people died. (Breitbart News – 16/04/2016)

600 US-bound Africans stranded in Costa Rica after officials block route: About 600 Africa migrants are stranded in Costa Rica after authorities blocked their onward movement to the US via Nicaragua. Their countries of origin remains unknown as the migrants do not have legal identification documents. . (The Guardian – 22/04/2016)

Malta is at the crossroads of Egypt-Europe migrant route: According to this article, Syrian refugees are likely to shift to Egypt rather than Libya en route to Europe following a crackdown on irregular movements on the eastern Mediterranean route. (Times of Malta – 24/04/2016)

Security Council deplores maritime tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea: UN Security Council condemn and deplore the maritime tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea that resulted in up to 500 deaths. The Council called for the full implementation of resolution 2240 (2015) intended to disrupt organized crime enterprises engaged in migrant smuggling. (UN News Centre – 23/04/2016)

Illegal migration in Nigeria: The war still rages on: This article highlights the risks associated with illegal emigration from Nigeria. The author further explores various solutions that Nigeria can pursue to address illegal migration including elimination of poverty and conflict, creation of employment opportunities, and creating awareness about the dangers of illegal migration. (Leadership – 23/04/2016)

US backs NATO blockade of Libya to close migrant route: According to this article, the US offers it backing for a NATO naval operation off Libyan in support of a controversial plan by Italy to close the Western Mediterranean route to Europe. (Daily Mail – 25/04/2016)

More than 100 migrants arrested in Niger near Algerian border: Niger’s security forces arrest more than 100 migrants in the Sahara desert as they attempted to cross the country’s northern border into Algeria. An estimated 100,000 people travelled through Agadez in 2015 on their way to Europe via Northern African countries. (Standard Media – 26/04/2016)

Papua New Guinea to close refugee detention center: Papua New Guinea government announces the closure of Manus Island detention center following a ruling by the country’s highest court that detention of asylum seekers and refugees is illegal under the country’s immigration laws. (Human Rights Watch – 27/04/2016)

Zambia arrests over xenophobic attacks in Lusaka: More than 250 people are arrested in Lusaka, Zambia following xenophobic attacks in the capital in which at least 62 Rwandan owned shops were looted. Rwandans are the largest group of immigrants in the country numbering about 6,000. (BBC News – 19/04/2016)

EU sets sanctions, mulls security mission to back Libya unity government: EU imposes sanctions on three Libyan political leaders for opposing the UN backed unity government. EU is considering deploying a civilian security mission in Libya to back the new unity government. (Reuters – 01/04/2016)

Greece passes asylum law needed for EU-Turkey migrants’ deal: Legislators in Greece pass an asylum amendment bill to facilitate the implementation of the EU-Turkey migrant deal. The Greek government has said it will ensure the human rights of asylum seekers are protected. (Reuters – 02/04/2016)

To stop migrants Austria wants to deploy soldiers on Italy border: Austrian government announces plans to deploy soldiers on its border with Italy to stem an expected increase in migrants trying to get to northern Europe. (The Economic Times – 02/04/2016)

Migrants sent back from Greece arrive in Turkey under EU deal: Three boats carrying about 202 migrants, mainly Pakistanis and Afghanis from Greek islands arrive in Turkey as part of the recent EU-Turkey migrant deal. At the same period, about 339 migrants reportedly arrived on Greek islands from Turkey. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 04/04/2016)

Italy pleads for Greek-style push to return its migrants: Italian government urges EU to come up with a scheme to deport migrants arriving on its southern shores - similar to the recent EU-Turkey migrant deal. (Financial Times – 04/04/2016)

Europe’s asylum system serves neither the refugees nor the countries. Here’s a new way of thinking about it: In the midst of the migration crisis in Europe, two academics develop a new algorithm based system, known as “matching markets” to help control the flow of refugees into Europe in a more efficient and humane way than the current EU asylum system. (The Washington Post – 04/04/2016)

Greece may have deported asylum seekers by mistake, says UN: UNHCR reports that thirteen people out of the 202 asylum seekers sent back to Turkey from Greece may have been deported by mistake since Greek officials “forgot” to process their asylum claims. (The Guardian – 05/04/2016)

Germany records 300 attacks on asylum shelters so far this year: Security forces in Germany announce there were almost 300 attacks on asylum shelters in the first quarter of 2016. In 2015, there were 1,029 attacks compared to 199 in 2014. (Reuters – 05/04/2016)

Border force warns terrorists could enter EU by abusing asylum checks: Frontex warns that irregular migratory flows could be used by terrorists to enter Europe. This follows the release of its annual risk analysis report which indicate that two of the bombers in November 2015 Paris attacks entered Europe via a smuggler’s boat from Turkey. (The Guardian – 06/04/2016)

Don't SEND any more: Germany issues ULTIMATUM to Italy as millions of migrants enter EU: Germany threatens to close its border with Austria if Italy starts sending migrants north. This comes as people smugglers start using alternative routes into Europe following the closure of eastern European routes. (Express UK – 06/04/2016)

Migrant crisis: European Commission proposes asylum reforms: EU proposes alternatives to the current asylum system in response to the migrant crisis. Among the options is to scrap the first country rule altogether and establish a system to redistribute refugees more evenly. (BBC News – 06/04/2016)

Revealed: Fourfold rise as 95,000 unaccompanied children claim asylum in Europe in 2015: According to this article, the number of unaccompanied children applying asylum in Europe increased to at least 95,000 in 2015 compared to 23,572 in 2014. (The Bureau – 10/04/2016)

EU Parliament proposes a centralised asylum system and legal ways to migrate: European Parliament approves a resolution to establish a centralised asylum system to allow EU to better manage migrants and asylum seekers flows. The resolution also seeks to establish safe and legal ways for third country nationals to enter EU. (New Europe – 12/04/2016)

Austria builds Brenner border centre despite criticism: Austria begins to construct a border control centre at the Brenner crossing on the border with Italy. The move criticized by EU and aid agencies is intended to clamp down on migrant inflows. (BBC – 12/04/2016)

Italy rescues 4 000 migrants in two days: Italian coastguard rescue about 4,000 migrants in two days on the Mediterranean Sea. Increased activity on the route between Libya and Italy is expected owing to crackdown on irregular movement on the East Mediterranean route. (News 24 – 13/04/2016)

Italy wants EU bonds to fund migration policies: With the increasing threat that migrants and smugglers could turn to a new route to Europe via Italy, Italy proposes the creation of “migration bonds” and “EU-Africa” bonds to help EU states manage migration as well give Africa countries to capital markets. (EU Observer – 18/04/2016)

EU/Greece: First Turkey deportations riddled with abuse: In a statement, Human Rights Watch say the deportation of migrants from Greece to Turkey was “[…] rushed, chaotic and violated the rights of those deported”. (Human Rights Watch – 19/04/2016)

EU navies prepare to start work in Libyan waters: Following a talk between EU foreign ministers and the new Libyan prime minister, EU announces plans to send security experts to Libya to support authorities in counter-terrorism, border management, countering irregular migration, smuggling of migrants and human trafficking. (EU Observer – 19/04/2016)

EU to offer 75 million Turks visa-free travel by May if terms met: EU’s executive say a proposal to grant Turks visa-free travel to the bloc will be discussed early May and implemented in late June provided that Turkey meet all the conditions under the EU-Turkey migrant deal. (Breitbart News – 21/04/2016)

10,000 migrant children in Europe missing, exploited by criminal gangs: Human rights agencies brief the European Parliament about an estimated 10,000 migrant children that are reportedly missing in Europe. “These children may be sexually exploited, used for begging or forced to commit crimes,” a briefing said. (Sputnik News – 22/04/2016)

Fewer North African migrants enter Germany: Germany announces that the number of migrants from North Africa has fallen sharply in 2016 from 3,356 in January to 480 in March. Germany wants to declare Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia as safe countries to enable deportation of migrants. (BBC – 25/04/2016) 

Norway to PAY asylum seekers £850 each to return to their home country: Norway announces a £850 bonus for asylum seekers if they return to their home country voluntarily. This is in addition to the £1,681 already offered to those who go home. The government is seeking to cut down on the cost of running asylum centres by enticing migrants to return home. (Daily Mail – 25/04/2016)

Fresh proposal to help child refugees stranded in Europe tabled: A new proposal to resettle a specific number of child refugees stranded in Europe is tabled in UK’s House of Lords. A previous proposal to provide sanctuary to 3,000 children was defeated after the government argued that it was doing enough to help refugee children in Syria and neighbouring countries. (The Guardian- 26/04/2016)

Austrian parliament passes package on tougher asylum rules: Austrian parliament passes new tougher asylum rules deemed to be the “toughest asylum rules in Europe”. Under the new rules, asylum will only be granted to people who are likely to suffer persecution if they are sent back to the country of origin. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 27/04/2016)

Italy to fingerprint ALL migrants who are rescued at sea: Italy agrees to fingerprint all migrants and asylum seekers rescued at sea in an effort to crackdown on those who slip away heading for Austria, Germany or France. In December last year, the EU ordered Italy to use force if necessary to compel migrants to have their fingerprints taken. (Daily Mail – 28/04/2016)

Should Europe pay to stop refugees fleeing oppressive Eritrea?:  In this opinion article, the author critiques EU’s decision to grant the Eritrean government 200million euros in aid to address irregular migration from the country. According to the article, this move is likely to exacerbate the problem since the government is accused of gross human rights abuses, a key push factor cited by Eritrean migrants. (The Guardian – 28/04/2016)

Ethiopia: Returnees seek increased government support: Ethiopian returnees urge the government to raise awareness on illegal migration, provide assistance to returnees and facilitate conditions for youth likely to migrate illegally. (All Africa – 06/04/2016)

South Sudanese gunmen kill at least 140 civilians in Ethiopia, government says: Ethiopian government announce that more than 140 people were killed and 39 children abducted following an attack by South Sudanese militants in the Gambella region of Ethiopia. About 272,000 South Sudanese refugees are hosted in the region since war broke out in their country in December 2013. (WAMU 88.5 – 17/04/2016)

14 Egyptians arrested while attempting to cross Mediterranean: Egyptian coastguard foil an attempt by a group of 14 Egyptians trying to cross the Mediterranean to Italy. (Daily News Egypt – 01/04/2016)

112 border jumpers arrested at Egypt-Libya border: Egyptian border guards arrests 112 people attempting to cross illegally into Libya in the border city of South Salloum. Among them were 22 Sudanese nationals while the rest were Egyptians. (Ahram Online – 12/04/2016)

Lobby's bill to protect migrant domestic workers: A human rights organization in Kenya, prepares a private draft bill to be tabled in parliament which seeks to safeguard migrant domestic workers. The draft bill places the responsibility of all migrant workers on the government and requires recruitment agencies to deposit a minimum amount of money with the government to support repatriation of migrant workers. (The Star – 26/04/2016)

At least 5 migrants killed, 15 injured after Libya detention escape: At least 5 African migrants are reportedly shot dead while another 15 are injured following an attempt by a large group of migrants to escape a detention centre in Zawiya, Libya. (Europe Online – 02/04/2016)

Libya: senior UN official calls for independent probe into migrant deaths at detention centre: The UN expresses concern over conditions in al-Zawiya detention centre in Libya and calls for an independent, impartial and full investigation over deaths of four migrants in the centre. (UN News Centre – 06/04/2016)

About 200 illegal migrants arrested in chaotic Libya: Libyan authorities announce they have detained 203 African migrants in Tripoli who were preparing to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. (Med Africa – 18/04/2016)

Libya deports more than 200 African migrants: According to this article, Libya deports more than 200 African migrants to their countries of origin. “We are deporting 204 migrants of various African nationalities including Mali, Niger, Gambia, Eritrea and Ivory Coast,” said Hosni Jumaa Ayyad, a spokesperson for Libya’s illegal migration task force. (Africa News – 21/04/2016)

Libya new unity government vows to fight illegal migration: Libya’s national unity government calls for more collaboration with the UN and international community to combat illegal migration following a tragic boat accident on the Mediterranean Sea in which more than 500 people drowned. (Star Africa – 27/04/2016)

Egyptians and Libyan traffickers killed in dispute: In conflicting reports, between 9 - 16 Egyptians and three Libyan human smugglers have been killed after a dispute over money in the Libyan town of Bani Walid. Hundreds of thousands of migrants are reportedly in Libya seeking to cross the Mediterranean to Europe. (Al Jazeera – 28/04/2016)

U.N. agency to relocate 10,000 Mozambican refugees within Malawi: UNHCR is set to relocate 10,000 Mozambican refugees to better facilities within Malawi. The refugees are fleeing renewed conflict in their country between Frelimo government forces and Renamo guerrillas. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 15/04/2016)

Puntland parliament endorses Electoral Commission: Legislators approve the establishment of Transnational Puntland Electoral Commission (TPEC) in what diplomats reportedly hailed as a step towards “one person, one vote”. The legislators are set to discuss other agendas such as drought and human trafficking policy soon. (Garowe Online – 24/04/2016)

Thousands may die from drought in Somalia unless donors give more - U.N.: The UN warns that up to 1.7 million people or 40% of northern Somalia’s semi-autonomous Puntland and Somaliland population are in need of emergency aid as a result of the El-Nino induced drought. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 01/04/2016)

Somalia: Federal Govt., Puntland agree on election modality: According to this article, the governments of Somalia and Puntland sign an electoral modality agreement for an inclusive 2016 elections in the country. Regional and international diplomats welcomed the agreement. (MFA Ethiopia – 04/04/2016)

Somali National Youth Council Kismayo declaration: A national level youth conference held in Jubaland, Somalia calls on the government, private sector and NGOs to provide employment opportunities and skills to the youth in Somalia to prevent illegal migration. (Mareeg – 15/04/2016)

Somalia: Government bans citizens from traveling to Sudan after 200 deaths: Somali government prohibits its citizen from travelling to Sudan in an attempt to reach Italy, following a shipwreck on the Mediterranean Sea in which an estimated 200 to 300 Somalis reportedly lost their lives. "No ordinary Somali is allowed to travel to Sudan effective today except on diplomatic missions," said the head of Somalia’s immigration and naturalization department. (All Africa – 19/04/2016)

South Africa
Malawi, South Africa agree to resolve migration issues: Malawi and South Africa agree to resolve migration issues pitting the two countries within a period of three months. Thousands of Malawians and citizens from other African countries have been detained at South Africa’s Lindera Camp as illegal immigrants. (Star Africa – 07/04/2016)

Map shows the bulk of South Africa’s skilled workers are going to the UK: A new data map published by the Code for South Africa Journalism Academy, reveals that almost 47,000 skilled professionals have migrated from South Africa to OECD countries with the UK and Australia being the major destination countries. (The South African – 14/04/2016)


South Sudan
South Sudan's Machar sworn in as VP, president calls for reconciliation: Riek Machar is sworn in as South Sudan’s first vice president shortly after he returned to the capital of Juba for the first time since conflict erupted in December 2013. The UN called for the immediate formation of transnational government of national unity. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 26/04/2016)


Government plans labour migration policy: The Tanzanian government in collaboration with IOM is set to launch a labour migration policy and a labour market information system to manage migrant labour in the country. (Daily News – 11/04/2016)

Missing Ugandan maid fuels fears of abuse in Saudi Arabia: This article highlights the plight of Ugandan nationals recruited to work as domestic workers in Middle East and Gulf States. The government in January 2016 banned the recruitment of Ugandans in Saudi Arabia following increased reports of abuse and mistreatment. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 13/04/2016)

Yemen peace talks delayed as fighting continues despite ceasefire: According to this article, fighting and airstrikes continued on several fronts across Yemen despite a UN brokered truce which went into effect on April 11, 2016. (Asharq Al-Awsat – 19/04/2016)
Displacement rises in Yemen: IOM: IOM releases its first Yemen Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) report which confirms that internal displacement in the country continues to rise. According to the report, an estimated 2,755,916 people are internally displaced in Yemen. (IOM Press – 19/04/2016)


What a way to tackle the migrant crisis! EU plans to control the influx by inviting MORE from Africa and the Middle East: According to this article, EU proposes a new plan aimed at curbing illegal migration which will see migrants from Africa and the Middle East given US-style green cards granting them the right to work. The EU also plans to offer £6.2billion in aid to Africa countries in an attempt to repeat the EU-Turkey migrant deal. (The Daily Mail – 07/06/2016)
EU drafts ‘positive & negative incentives’ for African states to block migrant flows: The proposed EU plan aimed at discouraging irregular migration from Africa will apply a “mix of positive and negative incentives to reward third countries willing to cooperate effectively with EU and ensure there are consequences for those who do not.” (RT News – 07/06/2016) 
EU migration policy suggests Europe prefers strongmen over reality: The author of this article critiques the latest EUs migration policy which adopts a carrot and stick approach by offering aid, trade and expertise to developing countries such as Sudan and Eritrea to halt irregular migration to Europe. (The Guardian – 08/06/2016) 
Common-sense steps to deal with the migrant crisis: In this Op-Ed article, the author suggest steps the EU can consider to address the migration crisis. These include, creating awareness to potential African migrants on the dangers of irregular migration, committing additional naval patrols and offshore processing to deter flow of migrants. (New York Times – 09/06/2016) 
Ecowas to introduce common W/African ID card, remove residence permit: According to this article, ECOWAS is set to introduce a common biometric identity card for all the 15 member countries as well as remove payment of resident permits for citizens in the bloc. This is aimed at deepening integration within the bloc by enhancing free movement of people. (The Point – 10/06/2016)
EU adopts new measures to promote stability and combat the root causes of irregular migration: European Commission adopts six new measures worth more than 146 million euros in the Sahel region and Lake Chad Basin, under the Emergency Trust Fund for Africa. (European Commission Press – 13/06/2016) 
Saudi stops 122 African migrants at sea: Saudi authorities reportedly intercept 122 African migrants who were trying to reach the kingdom from Africa via the Red Sea. The group consisted of 109 Sudanese nationals, 11 Nigerians, one Ethiopian and one Chadian. (Al Arabiya – 13/06/2016)

UN greenlights EU operation against Libya arms smuggling: UN Security Council adopts a measure authorizing EU naval force to stop and search ships and seize illegal arms headed to or from Libya. This is aimed at bolstering the Libyan government and to stopping the spread of arms into the hands of militias operating in Libya. (VOA News – 14/06/2016)

The European Union can't outsource its migrant crisis: In this editorial, the author takes a swipe at the recent EU migration partnership framework targeting selected African countries and argues that the plan is both troubling and inadequate. (Chicago Tribune – 14/06/2016)
Niger says 34 migrants found dead in Sahara Desert: The government of Niger report that 34 migrants, including 20 children, have been found dead in the Sahara desert near the border with Algeria. According to authorities, the migrants appeared to have died of thirst after being abandoned by their smuggler. (BBC – 16/06/2016) 
Illegal migrants deported from Thailand: Thai authorities deport 73 Cambodian nationals including 15 women for working in the country without proper documentation. According to authorities, 50 – 100 undocumented Cambodian workers are deported from Thailand every day. (KHMER Times – 16/06/2016) 
Why Niger is West Africa’s people-smuggling hub: This article highlights factors that have led Niger to become a focal point for migrants transiting from countries in West Africa such as Senegal, Mali and the Gambia. Some of the factors includes the insecurity and power wrangles in Libya and the harsh conditions that makes it difficult to police the extensive desert route from Agadez to Libya. (Newsweek – 17/06/2016)
MSF spurns EU funding over 'shameful' Turkey migrant deal: Medical aid charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) announce it will reject all funding from the EU and its member states in protest at a deal to stem the influx of migrants and refugees that the EU reached with Turkey. The charity said the agreement went against the fundamental principles of providing assistance to people in need. (Reuters – 17/06/2016)
130,000 Haitians face deportation from Dominican Republic: More than 130,000 Haitians living in the Dominican Republic risk deportation because it is nearly impossible for them to renew their temporary residency permits. This comes after the Dominican government started enforcing a policy that denies citizenship to people born in the country to parents without legal residency. (The Times of India – 21/06/2016)

Asylum seekers struggle to survive in one of the world’s most expensive cities: Refugees and asylum seekers living in Hong Kong demand greater rights as they mark the World Refugee Day on 20th June 2016. Asylum seekers are prohibited from working yet it takes more than a decade for their claims to be determined. There are an estimated 11,000 refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong. (Time – 21/06/2016)
Obama immigration plan blocked as U.S. High Court deadlocks: The US Supreme Court votes evenly on an immigration program that would have shielded as many as 4 million unauthorized immigrants from deportation and allowed them to seek work permits. (Bloomberg – 23/06/2016)  
US finds slow progress against human trafficking in Africa: The US State Department releases its annual Trafficking in Persons report which finds Africa to be a major source and destination for human trafficking of all kinds from forced labour to sexual slavery. None of the African countries made it to the top tier which is dominated by developed Western nations. (VOA News – 30/06/2016)


Amnesty says Spain asylum system 'obsolete': Amnesty International calls on Spain to reform an asylum system it labelled “inefficient, obsolete and discriminatory” citing the low number of refugees Spain has accepted. In 2015, Spain gave protection to 1,030 asylum seekers compared to more than 26,000 in France and over 5,000 in Bulgaria. (World Bulletin – 01/06/2016) 
France to take in 30,000 refugees stranded in Greece by 2018: France says it will accept 400 refugees per month from Greece, with 30,000 to enter the country in the next two years, as part of the EU relocation deal signed by EU members in 2015. (DW – 02/06/2016) 
France urges more cooperation with Africa on migration: In a media interview with a Greek newspaper, France’s prime minister urges the EU to work more with African countries to tackle migration flows to Europe. “We need to cooperate further with African countries of transit or of origin [and] in particular Niger,” Manuel Valls said. (Reuters – 02/06/2016) 
EU reckless refugee returns to Turkey illegal: Amnesty International calls on the EU to immediately halt plans to return asylum-seekers to Turkey on the “false pretence that it is a safe country”. The human rights organization cites three crucial shortcomings under international law for return of asylum seekers to Turkey. (Amnesty International – 02/06/2016)

Why the number of refugees drowning in the Mediterranean keeps rising: In this opinion article, the author explores the reasons why refugees and migrants are increasingly drowning in the Mediterranean Sea. Some of the reasons include, the conducive weather which attracts more people to attempt the crossing and smugglers using unsafe boats to meet the increasing demand. (The Washington Post – 03/06/2016)
EU court rules illegal migrants cannot be jailed: In a landmark case involving a Ghanaian migrant who was arrested at the Channel Tunnel en route to Britain from Belgium, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) rules that EU countries cannot imprison non-EU migrants who have illegally crossed a frontier if they have not already been subject to deportation procedures. (Business Recorder – 08/06/2016) 
Migrants use Facebook to pay thousands of pounds for legal work permits to enter Europe: According to this article, Syrian migrants are using new ways to reach Europe by purchasing bogus but legal work permits from smugglers via Facebook which enables them to fly into Europe legally but then claim asylum as soon as they arrive. (The Express – 10/06/2016)
Traffickers exploiting young refugees in French camps, says Unicef: According to a report by UNICEF, young children in refugee camps in Calais and Dunkirk are being sexually exploited and forced to commit crimes by traffickers who promise passage to the UK. (The Guardian – 13/06/2016)

Spike in numbers of migrant children arriving alone in Europe raises exploitation risks: UNICEF expresses concern over the increasing number of unaccompanied migrant children arriving in Europe. In the first five months of 2016, more than 7,000 unaccompanied children arrived in Italy via the Central Mediterranean route. (Reuters – 14/06/2016)
Greek people-smuggler gets 103 years: A Greek people smuggler is sentenced to 103 years in prison for ferrying groups of migrants across the Aegean Sea to Europe. The smuggler was arrested in June 2015 by the Greek coastguard off the island of Tilos near Turkey. (News24 – 19/06/2016)
Greece introduces quick deportation for ‘criminal’ migrants: Greece introduces a new deportation system for migrants aimed at restoring order to some island refugee centres where outbreak of violence has become common. According to the new system, anyone suspected or found to have committed a crime can be quickly expelled to Turkey. (The Times – 23/06/2016)

Migrant crisis: 4,500 rescued in Mediterranean in one day: The Italian navy and coastguard rescue more than 4,500 migrants in about 40 rescue operations conducted in the Mediterranean Sea in the course of one day. (BBC – 23/06/2016) 
Somali’s in Europe shaken by UK’s decision to leave the EU: This article covers the uncertainty faced by Somali community following UK’s vote to exit the European Union. Many Somalis who started life in other EU countries like the Netherlands, Sweden and france now reside in the UK either as workers or with their family members. (Mareeg – 24/06/2016)
More than 100 aid groups call on EU to abandon new migration plan: A group of 109 aid groups urge the EU Commission to scrap plans for a new migration deal for people from Africa and the Middle East. "This approach will not only fail to break the business model of smugglers but increase human suffering as people are forced into taking more dangerous routes," read the statement. (Europe Online – 27/06/2016) 
What does Brexit mean for refugees?: In this article, the author explores some ramifications for refugees and asylum seekers as Britain votes to leave the European Union. The political landscape both in UK and the rest of EU countries is likely to change in relation to immigration. (IRIN News – 27/06/2016) 
Russia is deporting illegal immigrants, activists claim: According to this article, Russia is tightening its immigration rules to reduce the flow of migrants mostly from the former Soviet Central Asian republics. Between 2013 and 2015, Russian courts have issued more than 500,000 removal orders. (RBTH – 27/06/2016)

Police arrest 28 suspected illegal immigrants: Security forces in the UK detain 28 suspected illegal migrants after they were found in the back of a lorry. The group consisted of eleven Eritreans, ten Sudanese and seven Ethiopians.  (Daily Mail – 27/06/2016) 
More EU-bound migrants leaving from Egypt: Frontex expresses concern over the increasing numbers of Europe-bound migrants departing from Egyptian shores. “The number of boat crossings this year from Egypt to Italy has reached 1,000 (so far). The route is gaining popularity,” said Frontex chief Fabrice Leggeri. (Daily Sabah – 28/06/2016)
Greek police arrest 5 for migrant smuggling: Greek authorities arrest five people in two separate operations for planning to assist about 53 migrants to illegally cross Greece’s northern border with Macedonia. The migrants come from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. (Washington Post – 26/06/2016)


'Burundi girls sold into slavery in Arab Gulf': Human rights organizations in Burundi express concern over increasing cases of people trafficking to the Gulf States. About 800 girls and women have been trafficked to the Gulf States since October 2015. (IOL – 12/06/2016) 
Burundi: UN experts call for concrete steps to end crisis: Three UN human rights experts call for concrete steps to be taken to end the Burundi crisis. The three noted that there was a significant drop in the number of executions however serious human rights violations remained including disappearances and torture, impunity, arbitrary mass arrests and detentions. (OHCHR – 17/06/2016)


19 Egyptians caught before illegal boat crossing to Italy: Egyptian coastguard intercept 19 individuals including 4 men, 4 women and 11 children as they attempted to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Italy from Glime beach, Alexandria. (Egypt Independent – 04/06/2016)
EU seeks talks with Cairo as migrants depart Egyptian coast: The EU plans to hold talks with Egyptian authorities to curb the Egypt-Italy migrant route which is increasingly being used by migrants heading to Europe. Migrants pay up to $5,000 for the sea voyages which take up to 10 days on board bigger ships stocked with food, water and with proper crew. (Saudi Gazette – 20/06/2016)


For Eritreans, Egypt is the new route to Europe: This article highlights the plight of Eritrean migrants who are opting for the Egyptian route to Europe due to increasing risks and dangers in Libya. (IRIN News – 06/06/2016)
UN Inquiry finds crimes against humanity in Eritrea: The UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea releases a report which concludes that crimes against humanity have been committed in a widespread and systematic manner in Eritrea since 1991. (OHCHR- 08/06/2016) 
UN calls for Eritrea leaders to be tried for crimes against humanity: UN human rights investigators accuse Eritrean leaders of crimes against humanity including torture, rape, murder and enslaving hundreds of thousands of people. In this regard, the investigators call for the case to be referred to the International Criminal Court. (The Telegraph – 08/06/2016)

EU considering ‘partnership’ with Eritrea on migration despite UN accusations of crimes against humanity: According to this article, the EU is considering partnership with Eritrea to manage migration despite calls for Eritrean leaders to be tried for crimes against humanity. Other 15 possible countries have been identified for unspecified “packages” to increase cooperation on managing migration. (The Independent – 08/06/2016) 
Exiled Eritreans confirm abuse allegations against their gov't: Exiled Eritreans react to the Commission of Inquiry report on human rights in Eritrea. “Although there are so many sorts of crimes that have taken place in Eritrea, one of the most serious crimes […] in Eritrea involve the migration of people,” said Henok Goyitom, Vice President of the Central Committee of Eritrean refugees.  (Africa News – 09/06/2016)
Eritrean extradited to Italy denies being top smuggler: An Eritrean man extradited from Sudan to Italy on suspicion of being the head of a human smuggling ring has denied being the suspect claiming he is a refugee. (Al Jazeera - 11/06/2016)
Eritrea's foreign minister denies rights abuses, blames Ethiopia for clashes: In a media interview, Eritrea’s foreign minister Osman Saleh condemns the recently released UN report on human rights violations in Eritrea. "This 'crimes against humanity' is not acceptable […] they say that there is an indefinite national service but this isn’t true. People say it in order to get asylum," he said. (RFI – 21/06/2016)
Eritreans in Israel call for trial of their leaders over crimes against humanity: About 2,000 eritrean nationals protest in Tel Aviv, Israel, demanding that Eritrean leaders be tried in ICC for alleged crimes against humanity including torture, rape, murder and enslaving hundreds of thousands of people in Eritrea. This follows the release of a report by the UN on the situation of human rights in Eritrea. (Africa News – 21/06/2016) 
Diaspora Eritreans protest regime human rights abuses: Thousands of Eritreans rally in front of the UN office in Geneva against alleged human rights abuses committed by their government back home. This comes after the UN released a report accusing the regime of crimes against humanity since 1991. (Al Jazeera – 24/06/2016)
Eritreans in Ethiopia seek their leader is tried in ICC: Eritreans living in Ethiopia hold demonstrations in Addis Ababa, demanding that Eritrean President  Afeworki be referred to the International Criminal Court over alleged crimes against humanity. “We are all gathered here to express our support for the new UN commission inquiry’s report released recently which accuses the regime of crimes against humanity,” said one of the protesters. (Geeska Africa – 25/06/2016)


British FM welcomes Ethiopian policy on trafficking: British Foreign Secretary welcomes Ethiopia’s move to draft anti-human trafficking laws urging the government to take further measures to tackle the flow of refugees and migrants to Europe. (Turkish Weekly – 03/06/2016)
Ethiopian children intercepted entering South Africa: 14 Ethiopian unaccompanied migrant children aged between 12 and 17 are deported back home from Zambia where they had been detained for several months for illegally trying to cross into South Africa. The children were lured to leave Ethiopia by smugglers promising attractive job opportunities in South Africa. (CAJ News – 12/06/2016)
Stranded Ethiopian migrants return from Tanzania:  The IOM assists 74 Ethiopian migrants stranded in Tanzania to safely return home. The group comprising of 53 adults and 21 unaccompanied minors had been intercepted in Tanzania shortly after crossing the Kenyan border irregularly. (New Business Ethiopia – 15/06/2016) 
Ethiopian migrants die in containerized truck: At least 19 Ethiopian nationals suffocate and die in a containerized truck that was carrying 95 Ethiopians reportedly being smuggled from Tanzania into Zambia. The final destination of the migrants was unclear however many migrants from the Horn of Africa intercepted on this route are headed for South Africa. Currently, there are 116 Ethiopian nationals in protective shelters in Zambia receiving assistance from IOM. (IOM Press – 24/06/2016)

Ethiopia wins seat on UN Security Council: Ethiopia secures a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council (UNSC), the most important governing body of the UN, where it will serve for a two-year term starting January 2017. (Sudan Tribune – 29/06/2016)


Refugee camps are not the answer to a complex crisis: In view of Kenya’s decision to shut Dadaab refugee camp, the author of this article underscores the urgent need to find sustainable alternatives to refugee camps, as well find sustainable solutions for millions of urban refugees. (The Guardian – 10/06/2016) 
Kenya camp closure must be humane, says UN refugee chief: Speaking after a five day visit to Kenya and Somalia, UNHCR chief said that the planned closure of Dadaab refugee camp must not result in forcible returns to war-torn Somalia. "Repatriation, when it happens, must be in a humane, dignified manner, in line with international principles," said Filippo Grandi. (Daily Mail – 13/06/2016)  
Somalia's PM calls for delay of Dadaab closure: Somali government proposes a 2019 timeframe for the closure of Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya arguing that it would be very tough to return all the Somali refugees by end of 2016. “We don’t want Kenya to push out refugees at this stage in time, because it can create much more insecurity if these refugees are just kind of thrown out, with nothing […],” Prime Minister Omar Sharmarke said in a press interview. (Daily Nation – 16/06/2016) 
UN backs Kenya's stand on closure of Dadaab refugee camp: According to this article, the UN endorses Kenya’s decision to close down Dadaab refugee camp urging that refugees be treated with dignity and repatriated safely. The final details of the repatriation are to be agreed in July 2016 when Kenya hosts a meeting on UN Conference on Trade and Development. (Daily Nation – 16/06/2016) 
Somali refugees living in urban centres ordered to return to camps: The government of Kenya orders all refugees in urban centres to return to the refugee camps to “avoid conflict with the law.” This comes after the government made a decision to shut Dadaab refugee camp by November 2016. (The Star - 20/06/2016)
Somali refugees struggle in shadow of forced return: This article highlights the plight of Somalis living in Nairobi and other urban areas in Kenya who fear police harassment, arbitrary detention and subsequent xenophobic rhetoric following the government’s decision to close down Dadaab refugee camp by November 2016. (News Deeply – 23/06/2016)


All at sea: Libyan detention centres at crisis point: This article highlights the dire situation at the Zawiya migrant detention centre in Libya where more than 1,700 migrants have been detained, far above the maximum capacity of 1,200. It is estimated that as many as 2,000 migrants from Sub-Saharan African countries are entering Libya every day via the Tumo border point with Niger. (IRIN News – 01/06/2016)
Dangerous migrant smuggling routes flourish in lawless Libya: This article highlights the smuggling economy in Libya which continues to flourish as Libyan authorities describe themselves as “under-resourced and helpless” against powerful smugglers who are adapting swiftly to new conditions. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 02/06/2016)
'They can’t live with us': Libyan PM rejects Turkey-style refugee deal with EU: In an interview with a media station, Libya’s prime minister rejects a similar EU-Turkey migrant deal with Libya urging EU to find a way to send refugees to their countries of origin instead of Libya. “They cannot live with us,” Al-Sarraj said in an interview with Die Welt’s Sunday edition (RT News – 06/06/2016)  
Netherlands and IOM sign Euro 1.5 m agreement to build Libyan Coast Guard capacity: The Netherlands and IOM Libya sign an agreement for an 18 month project aimed at enhancing the capacity of Libyan coastguard to save lives at sea and supporting the humanitarian repatriation of vulnerable migrants from Libya. (IOM Press – 10/06/2016) 
Refugees shot at by Libyan coastguard before being detained in 'shocking' conditions back in Libya: Amnesty International raise concern over EU’s plans to cooperate with Libya to stem the flow of migrants to Europe. The human rights agency warned that such a plan risks fuelling rampant ill- treatment and indefinite detention in shocking conditions of thousands of refugees and migrants in Libya. (Amnesty International – 14/06/2016) 
IOM facilitates voluntary repatriation of Nigerian migrants held in Libyan prisons: IOM provides voluntary repatriation assistance to 162 Nigerian nationals, including 28 women and 3 children, who were stuck in Libya’s immigration detention centres. (IOM Press – 17/06/2016) 
IOM’s report on displaced, returnees and migrants in Libya: According to IOM’s latest (Round 4) Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) report, there are a total of 425,250 IDPs, 258,025 returnees and 264,014 migrants in Libya. The most frequently reported nationalities of migrants residing in Libya are those from Niger, Egypt, Chad, Ghana and Sudan. (Libya Herald – 22/06/2016) 
Ten migrants die in sinking boat off Libya: Italian coastguard: Italian coastguard rescue 223 migrants off the coast of Libya and recover ten bodies of women believed to have died either of suffocation under the weight of other people or by drowning in the bottom of one of the boats which was about to sink. (Reuters – 30/06/2016)


5 facts about the global Somali diaspora: This article provides some key facts about the increasingly global Somali diaspora. (Pew Research Center – 01/06/2016) 
Parents in Somaliland are buying their sons taxis so they won’t risk their lives trying to reach Europe: In an attempt to dissuade their children from illegally migrating to Europe, parents in Somaliland are reportedly buying their children second hand cars to operate as taxis. (Quartz Africa – 20/06/2016) 
Construction of Puntland immigration headquarters in Garowe begins with IOM support: IOM and Puntland’s Ministry for Security and Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration (DDR) launch the construction of the ministry’s immigration headquarters in Garowe, Puntland. The building will contribute to effective immigration service delivery and border management. (IOM Press – 21/06/2016)

South Sudan

10,000 civilians under UN shelter as violence escalates in South Sudan: The UN mission in Sudan announces that more than 10,000 people have been displaced following renewed clashes between the Sudan’s People Liberation Army (SPLA) and armed groups in Wau, northwest of the country. (Africa News – 27/06/2016)


Sudanese security says foiled people-smuggling operation on Red Sea: Sudan security forces reportedly intercept 22 migrants as they attempted to cross the Red Sea coast to a neighbouring country believed to be Saudi Arabia. Two suspected people smugglers were also detained. (Sudan Tribune – 14/06/2016)



Slovakia receives 37 Somalis from camps in Eritrea: A group of 37 Somali refugees arrive in Slovakia from Eritrea en route to the United States for resettlement. The relocation was facilitated by UNHCR and IOM.(Geeska Africa – 02/05/2016) 
Niger tells Europe it needs 1 billion euros to fight illegal migration: Niger, a major transit country for migrants from Africa heading to Europe, tells EU foreign ministers visiting the country it needs 1 billion euros to help combat illegal migration. IOM estimates that up to 150,000 migrants, mostly from West Africa, will travel via Niger in 2016. (Reuters – 03/05/2016)
IOM urges African countries to ratify, implement protocols on free movement: IOM urges African countries to ratify and implement protocols of free movement of persons in respective economic blocs in order to make the Agenda 2063 on Regional Integration a reality. (IOM Press – 06/05/2016)
Migrant domestic workers take to the streets in Beirut: Hundreds of domestic workers march in Beirut to mark the International Workers’ Day and to denounce their working conditions. The demonstrators urged the Lebanese government to fully implement the ILO Convention 189. (Al Jazeera – 07/05/2016)
Turkey: Border guards kill and injure asylum seekers: Human Rights Watch express concern over shooting and beating of Syrian asylum seekers by Turkish border guards and calls on the Turkish authorities to investigate and stop violation of asylum seekers human rights. (Human Rights Watch – 10/05/2016)
Non-Syrians denied asylum claims under EU-Turkey deal - MEPs: A group of European legislators conclude that hundreds of non-Syrian asylum seekers deported under the EU-Turkey migrant deal were not allowed to claim asylum in either Greece or Turkey. The conclusion was made after interviews with deportees. (The Guardian – 10/05/2016)
Relaxing visa regulations will spur Africa’s integration agenda and economic potential: In this article, the author urges African countries to abolish visa requirements in order to facilitate movement of people and intra-regional trade and investments. (The New Times – 12/05/16)
EU ministers must change course on migration cooperation with Africa: Oxfam and ICMC urge European ministers to address the root causes of the migration crisis and ensure that the EU Trust Fund is used to fund development projects and not to prevent migration. (Oxfam Press – 11/05/2016)
US immigration officials planning 30-day 'surge' of arrests to deport families: According to this article, US immigration officials are planning a month long series of raids in May and June this year to deport illegal migrants from Central American countries. (The Guardian – 12/05/2016) 
The real refugee crisis is in the Middle East, not Europe: The author of this opinion article reviews the refugee crisis in Europe and argues that refugee hosting nations in MENA should be treated as actors and not refugee-hosting vessels, in discussions to develop an international refugee regime and durable solutions to the crisis. (The Washington Post – 14/06/2016) 
Comoros ready to take Kuwait's stateless, says minister: Comorian government say it’s ready to take in thousands of stateless people denied citizenship in the Gulf state of Kuwait. There are more 110,000 stateless people in Kuwait also referred to as “bidoons”. (Al Arabiya – 16/05/16) 
Now hundreds of migrants from the Caribbean fly 6,000 miles to Turkey in bid to enter Europe while posing as being from Somalia: According to this article, hundreds of migrants from the Caribbean are now travelling more than 6,000 miles to enter EU through Turkey and Greece. People from the Caribbean do not need a visa to enter Turkey and upon arrival, some claim to be Somali, Syrian or Afghanistan nationals.(Daily Mail – 16/05/2016) 
Kerry, foreign ministers hold Libya talks: Foreign ministers from the US, UK, France and other Western powers meet in Austria to drum up support for the newly formed Libyan government. EU is weighing whether to expand its operations to Libyan territorial waters to counter human smugglers and traffickers.(Wall Street Journal – 16/05/2016)
UN says turning migrants away 'won't work' The UN high commissioner for refugees, Filippo Grandi, in an interview with the BBC says that migrants’ crisis is a global phenomenon and that turning away migrants won’t work. The commissioner urged more nations to commit more funding and resettlement opportunities to help the few countries shouldering the burden. (BBC – 16/05/2016) 
IGAD and stakeholders meet over migration governance in the region: The 7th Meeting of Regional Consultative Process on Migration (RCP) by IGAD is held in Khartoum to deliberate two main recommendations by member states. These include the need to strengthen National Coordination Mechanisms and the inclusion of IGAD as an institution in the Khartoum process. (Geeska Afrika – 18/05/2016)
Only 177 Syrian refugees resettled in EU under deal with Turkey: According to this article, fewer than 200 Syrians have been resettled in Europe following the EU-Turkey migrant deal agreed in March 2016. Five EU member states namely Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Finland and Lithuania have resettled a total of 177 Syrian refugees. (The Guardian – 18/05/2016)
20 stranded Nepali workers deported, Malaysian company buys air tickets: A Malaysian company supports the deportation of 20 Nepali migrant workers who were stranded at the immigration centre after serving their jail terms in the country. (Kathmandu Post – 18/05/2016) 
Collective punishment in Congo, Camp closures ignore the innocent homeless: According to this article, local authorities in North Kivu province of Democratic Republic of Congo threaten to close IDP camps in the province alleging that the camps are sanctuaries for rebel fighters. There are more than 700,000 IDPs sheltered in camps across the province. (IRIN News – 18/05/2016)
Pakistan to issue biometric passports to curb human trafficking to Europe, Gulf: Pakistan plans to issue biometric passports from 2017 to halt the thousands of people who are being trafficked abroad mainly to European and Gulf states. There are more than 1,000 trafficking networks in the country with majority operating in the central Punjab province. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 19/05/2016)
The back way to Europe: Gambia’s forgotten refugees: This article highlights the plight of refugees and migrants from Gambia who attempt the perilous journey to Europe starting with the Western Saharan route in Senegal and ending with the Central Mediterranean route from Libya to Italy. (IRIN News – 19/05/2016)
NATO agrees bigger Mediterranean mission to stop smugglers: NATO agrees to broaden its operations in the Mediterranean Sea to help EU counter people smugglers and traffickers operating from North Africa. This follows fears of possible uncontrolled migrant flows to Europe via Central Mediterranean route as the weather improves. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 19/05/2016)
IOM assists 7,000 victims of human trafficking globally in 2015: According to IOM, nearly 7,000 victims of trafficking were assisted by the organization in 115 countries in 2015 with the majority of victims (74%) being trafficked for the purpose of labour exploitation. (IOM Press – 20/05/2016)
Kuwait seeks to ban Ethiopian maids in 2 Years after report of premeditated murders targeting employers: Kuwait government seeks to ban domestic workers from Ethiopia within two years. To achieve this, the government has proposed non-renewal of work and residence permits for all Ethiopian maids. This follows increased reports of crime committed by the domestic workers. (Zegabi – 20/05/2016)
Syrian refugee policy highlights Canada’s bid for UN Council seat: In a bid to push for a more active role in global affairs, Canada seeks a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council citing its recent experience in welcoming Syrian refugees. The country has resettled more than 26,000 Syrian refugees. (The Middle East Eye – 23/05/2016)
Turkey only sending 'sick and ill-educated' Syrians to Europe in migrant swap deal: EU officials accuse Turkey of using the migrant swap deal to send ill and unqualified Syrian refugees to Europe while blocking the exit applications of skilled professionals. Some 400 asylum-seekers have been returned to Turkey and 177 refugees resettled in Europe under the deal. (The Telegraph – 23/05/2016)
Eritreans, Ethiopian and Sudanese among 28 Illegal immigrants arrested hiding in refrigerated truck in Britain: Police in Britain arrest 28 illegal African migrants who were found hiding in the back of a refrigerated lorry. The detained migrants included 11 Eritreans, 10 Sudanese and seven Ethiopians. (Zegabi – 24/05/2016)
At G7 summit, Tusk pleads for global burden-sharing on refugees: European Council President Donald Tusk urges the world to act together to deal with the refugee crisis. “We would also like the global community to show solidarity and recognise that this is a global crisis,” he said. (EurActiv – 26/05/2016) 
Last refugee among group Australia sent to Cambodia returns to home country: The last man in a group of refugees transferred to Cambodia from Nauru in 2015 has returned to his country of origin. The man, an Iranian, was one of four people resettled as part of a $40 million deal forged between Australia and Cambodia in 2014. (The Guardian – 28/05/2016)
UNHCR concerned about fighting in northern Syria affecting thousands of vulnerable civilians: UNHCR expresses deep concern about the plight of some 165,000 displaced persons reportedly massing near the Syrian town of Azaz in northern Syria. This follows heavy fighting in northern Aleppo which has left civilians without access to medical services, food, water and safety. (UNHCR Press – 28/05/2016)
IOM records over 60,000 migrants passing through Agadez, Niger between February and April 2016: Through its Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM), IOM has recorded a total of 60,970 migrants passing through the transit towns of Arlit and Séguédine in the Agadez region of Niger between February and April 2016. Of this total, 44,890 were recorded leaving Niger, while 16,080 were migrants entering the country.(Reliefweb – 27/05/2016) 
Namibia drops visa requirements for all African Union Member States (AU): According to this article, the Namibian government approves a decision to exempt visa requirements for all holders of diplomatic or official passports from the African Union member states. (Tourist Watch – 28/05/2016)
700+ migrants missing or feared dead in Mediterranean shipwrecks: More than 700 migrants are feared dead or missing following separate tragic incidents in which three boats capsized and sank in the Mediterranean. According to UNHCR, most of the migrants were from Somalia, Eritrea and Sudan. (CNN – 30/05/2016)

EU and Nigeria to negotiate deal on migrants: EU is set to begin talks with Nigeria to negotiate a deal to return migrants to Africa. According to this article, the deal is expected to resemble the migrant deal between EU and Turkey. This follows an increase in the number of Nigerians arriving in Italy in 2016.(CCTV – 01/05/2016) 
EU refugee crisis: Brussels to propose charging over $289,000 from countries refusing asylum: According to this article, Brussels is set to put forth a proposal that will see European countries charged $289,659 per refugee for refusing to shelter asylum-seekers. (IBT – 03/05/2016) 
Hungary’s Supreme Court approves fall referendum on EU migrant plan: The Supreme Court in Hungary gives a green light for a national referendum later in the year in which the country will vote on EU’s plan to resettle asylum seekers in the country. (Wall Street Journal – 03/05/2016) 
Joint action to tackle West African human trafficking networks: The third pan-European operation to combat human trafficking is carried out by security authorities in 16 European countries in which over 400 potential victims of trafficking were identified and more than 30 individuals were found to have links to Nigerian criminal networks. (Europol – 04/05/2016) 
Hungary allows tougher asylum-seeker conditions: Hungary’s parliament approve tougher asylum rules which will gradually reduce social benefits and subsidies for asylum seekers. In addition, asylum seekers will be allowed to stay at reception centres for 30 days. (Washington Post – 10/05/2016) 
Italian police bust Somali mafia ring trafficking asylum seekers: Police in Italy arrest 13 members of a Somali-run trafficking ring that held Somali migrants hostage in private apartments until a ransom for their release was paid by families or friends. (DW News – 11/05/2016)
Our ships in the Mediterranean are only helping the migrant smugglers, say peers: A report reviewing EU’s naval operation in the Mediterranean reveals that the mission has become a “search and rescue mission” and a “magnet to migrants” instead of stemming the flow of migrants arriving along European shores. Migrant smuggling networks have also adjusted their business models and shifted to cheaper and unsafe dinghies. (Daily Mail – 13/05/2016)
EU plans floating migrant centres off Libya: According to this article, EU plans to create a “floating hotspot” on the Central Mediterranean route where migrants will be processed before being taken to Italy. This is aimed at controlling the flow of migrants arriving to Europe through this route. (The Telegraph – 12/05/2016)
Smugglers made at Least $5 billion last year in Europe migrant crisis: A joint report by Europol and Interpol reveal that smugglers made between $5 and $6 billion in 2015 from facilitating the movement of more than one million migrants into the EU. The report also identified “smuggling hotspots” along smuggling routes where smugglers and migrants meet. (New York Times – 17/05/2016) 
Prosecutor wants 18 years jail for migrant disaster captain: An Italian prosecutor request an 18 year prison term for an alleged captain of a migrant boat which sank off Libya in April 2015 killing as many as 800 people. Italy is set to begin an operation to raise the ship from the seabed so that the corpses can be identified and given a decent burial. (The Local – 17/05/2016)
Italy, Libya discuss investment in return for migration control: According to this article, Libya and Italy are set to renew the 2008 agreement under which Italy pledged billions of dollars in investments in return for energy contracts and controlling of illegal migration from North Africa. (Reuters - 17/05/2016)
Italy says Africa nations back plan to close Libya migrant route: During a ministerial conference in Rome, Italian foreign minister Paolo Gentiloni says African nations are supporting Rome’s proposed “migration compact” aimed at closing migrant routes to Europe. The proposal also seeks to persuade African nations to take back migrants arriving via Libya in exchange for increased aid and investment. (Daily Mail - 18/05/2016)
Asylum seeker allegedly used British citizenship to run trafficking gang: An Iraqi asylum seeker, who was granted British citizenship in 2003, is detained for allegedly heading a criminal network that smuggled hundreds of illegal migrants into the UK over a period of two years. (The Telegraph – 20/05/2016)
Migrant deportations in jeopardy as Greek court rules Turkey ‘Unsafe’: A Greek court rules that Turkey is unsafe, a decision that is likely to jeopardize EU-Turkey migrant deal. This follows a ruling in which the court refused to reject the claim of a Syrian national to asylum. (Breitbart News – 21/05/2016)
Juncker: EU should be able to take in 2 million refugees: EU President Jean-Claude Junker says that EU should be able to absorb 2 million refugees noting that the continent has a population of 508 million people. The EU president also noted that countries like Jordan and Lebanon are poorer than most EU states yet they host more refugees than the 28-country bloc. (Europe Online – 23/05/2016)
Divert 10% of EU funds to deal with refugee crisis, says Germany: Noting that the current mechanisms for dealing with the refugee crisis have failed, Germany calls for the appointing of a special commissioner to lead a European wide strategy on refugees. In addition, the country proposes that 10% of EU’s budget be set aside to deal with the crisis. (The Guardian – 24/05/2016) 
More than 4,000 migrants rescued in single day: Italian coastguard rescue more than 4,000 migrants on the Mediterranean in 22 separate rescue operations carried out over 24 hour period. At least 20 people were feared dead. (US & World Report News – 26/05/2016)
Italy arrests 16 suspected boat migrant traffickers: Italian police arrest 16 people suspected of trafficking migrants across the Mediterranean from Libya. The individuals were rescued along with hundreds of migrants and brought to the port city of Sicily by the coastguard. (Reuters – 31/05/2016)

Flash floods displace nearly 120,000 in Ethiopia: aid agencies: According to the Ethiopian government and humanitarian agencies, an estimated 119,711 people in six provinces were displaced last month due to flash floods. Up to half a million people are expected to be displaced this year. (Reuters – 11/05/2016)

Eritrea: Swiss officials find few rights improvements: Following a fact finding mission in Eritrea, Swiss authorities conclude that human rights situation in the country has not improved for thousands of Eritreans who constitute the largest proportion of asylum seekers in Switzerland. (Geeska Afrika – 10/05/2016)
Eritrea blames international conspiracy for worsen exodus: Speaking during a conference on migration in Rome Italy, Eritrea’s foreign minister Osman Saleh rejected the claim that human rights violations were the main cause of emigration from Eritrea. Instead, the minister argued that the huge exodus of Eritreans was the outcome of an international conspiracy supported by human smugglers aimed at tarnishing the country’s image. (Sudan Tribune – 30/05/2016) 
Eritrea: EU collaboration with Sudan, Eritrea “strengthening human trafficking”: In this Op-Ed, the author argues that EU plans to cooperate with African states to stem migration, including building the capacity of security forces, will only strengthen human smuggling and trafficking, since security and government officials are complicit in the illicit trade. (Geeska Afrika – 31/05/2016)

Kenya drawing up timetable to close refugee camp for Somalis: The Kenyan government announces the closure of Dadaab refugee camp citing security concerns for the decision. A taskforce to handle the closure of the camp was also established and is expected to report on deportation plans by end of the month. (Reuters – 11/05/2016)
Somalia protests against Kenyan plan to close refugee camp: Somali government expresses concern over Kenya’s decision to close Dadaab refugee camp saying the move would hurt refugees and possible drive more people into militancy (Reuters – 12/05/2016)
Closing the world’s largest refugee camp-Kenya says go home: Following an announcement by the Kenyan government to close down Dadaab refugee camp within the shortest time possible, the author of this article argues that money is probably the main reason for the sudden announcement. The author points to the EU-Turkey migrant deal which saw Turkey secure promises of 6billion euros in return for taking migrants back from Greece. (The Economist – 14/05/2016) 
Why Kenya will not shut down the world's largest refugee camp: According to the author of this opinion article, Kenya will not shut down Dadaab refugee camp, not only because the action contravenes the country’s obligation to international law, but because it is contrary to the hospitality and compassion of Kenyan people. The author points to the hospitality accorded to refugees in Kakuma camp as an example.(Thomson Reuters Foundation – 18/05/2016)

Over 417,000 Internally Displaced in Libya: IOM Report: IOM Libya releases latest displacement figures for Libya which indicate that there are 417,123 IDPs as a result of three waves of displacements in 2011, 2012 to mid-2014 and from mid-2014. In addition, there are 234,699 migrants in the country for a variety of reasons including labour, transit or forced migration. (IOM Press – 13/05/2016)
Libya coast guard rescues more than 100 migrants from Africa: Libyan coastguard rescue more than 100 migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa as they attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe. (Euro News – 17/05/16)
IOM helps 171 stranded Senegalese migrants return home from Libya: IOM facilitates the repatriation of 171 Senegalese migrants who had been detained for several months in Libya. Almost all the migrants repatriated were detained by Libyan security forces as they attempted to travel to Europe. (IOM Press – 20/05/2016)
Libyan coastguard intercepts 850 migrants at sea: Libyan coastguards intercept an estimated 850 migrants off the coast near the western city of Sabratha. The migrants from various African countries were travelling on inflatable rubber boats in an attempt to reach Europe. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 22/05/2016) 
Libya requests EU help training security services: According to this article, the Libyan government has requested the help of the European Union to train its country’s security services, naval forces and coastguard. (Wall Street Journal – 22/05/016) 
Sudanese families flee ISIS controlled areas in Libya: More than 300 Sudanese families have reportedly fled several Libyan cities captured by ISIS towards the Mediterranean coast in the hope of crossing the sea to Europe. (Sudan Tribune – 27/05/2016)
Libya is saving migrants at sea only to trap them in dire conditions on land: This article argues that EU and Libya’s efforts to curb irregular migration on the Mediterranean Sea risks creating a dire humanitarian situation in Libya. Intercepted migrants are detained in overcrowded and squalid detention centres in Libya where violence is rampant and detention can stretch on indefinitely. (The World Post – 27/05/2016)
Islamic State involved in migrant smuggling, Libyan ambassador says: According to Libyan ambassador to Italy, the Islamic state cells in Libya are involved in people smuggling from the country to Europe to generate money for their operations. The ambassador noted that Libya is not yet ready to invite EU navy vessels to patrol its waters as this may antagonize still active militias. (Europe Online – 31/05/2016)

Malawi 'jails' 119 Ethiopian migrants: Human rights organizations express concern over the detention of 119 Ethiopian migrants by Malawian authorities. In 2015, more than 700 migrants were detained in different prisons across the country as the government reportedly claimed there were no funds to facilitate deportations. (News 24 – 31/05/2016)

Somalia: Scores rescued off Puntland coast: According to this article, 92 migrants are rescued off the coast of Somalia as they attempted to cross the Red Sea to Yemen. 85 individuals were of Ethiopian origin and the remaining 7 were Somalis. (Garowe Online – 01/05/2016)
EU pledges support for stabilisation of Somalia: The European Union pledges its support towards stabilisation of Somalia and announces broader scope of engagement in areas such as migration, community resilience, human trafficking, and countering violent extremism. (The Leadership – 10/05/2016) 
Despite warnings, Somalia set to send domestic workers to Saudi Arabia: Somali government announce plans to send domestic workers to Saudi Arabia despite reports of human rights abuses towards Somali workers in the country. Somali government intends to send up to 50,000 workers to Saudi Arabia every year following a recruitment ban in the country by countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Philippines and Indonesia. (Hiiraan Online – 11/05/2016)
War-weary Somalis flee for Europe as rebuilding too slow: This article highlights some of the drivers of emigration from Somalia including insecurity and high levels of unemployment. In 2015, more than 12,400 Somali nationals entered Europe via the Central Mediterranean route. (Bloomberg – 16/05/16) 
Somalia: Closing Dadaab will dishonour 2013 deal on refugees, Kenya told: Somali government urges Kenya to observe the 2013 Tripartite Agreement on repatriation of refugees following Kenya’s decision to close Dadaab refugee camp. (The Star - 24/05/2016)

South Africa
Southern African countries join hands in addressing smuggling of migrants: The Southern African Development Community (SADC) member states hold a conference to address the growing challenge of smuggling of migrants in the SADC region. A draft strategy to combat illegal smuggling and trafficking in persons has been developed. (Shanghai Daily – 13/05/2016)
Living on the margins: The migrant experience of Basotho in South Africa: This article highlights the experience of Lesotho citizens living in South Africa who are estimated to be more than 400,000. In September 2015, the government of South Africa announced an amnesty granting Basotho an opportunity to regularize their status for up to four years until April 2020. (Daily Maverick – 16/05/2016)
There’s room for SA to improve its governance of migration: IOM: IOM launches its first migration governance index which measure well governed migration and also raises awareness on how nations can improve their policies and frameworks around migration. 15 countries were chosen for the study including three countries in Africa. (SABC – 20/05/2016)

South Sudan
4,000 Sudanese refugees cross to Uganda: About 4,000 South Sudanese nationals have crossed into Adjumani District in Uganda following the decommissioning of refugee camps in South Sudan and fears of renewed fighting. According to Ugandan government, there are more than 130,000 South Sudanese refugees living in 16 refugee camps in Adjumani. (All Africa – 28/05/2016)

Yemeni peace talks postponed indefinitely: According to this article, Yemeni peace talks have been postponed indefinitely after Houthi militia representatives fail to attend the talks. (Al Arabiya – 08/05/2016)
No way in and no way out for Yemeni refugees in Europe: This article highlights the plight of Yemeni asylum seekers stuck in Europe since they are no longer eligible for the EU relocation programme and cannot be repatriated back to Yemen as the country is considered unsafe. (Al Jazeera – 20/05/2016)
IOM assists newly arrived migrants along Yemen’s southern coast: IOM provides assistance to more than 1,500 migrants who arrived along the southern coast of Lahj in Yemen between March and May 2016. The UN estimates that almost 40,000 new arrivals have crossed the sea into Yemen in the first four months of 2016. (IOM Press – 27/05/2016)

Afghan refugees forced to return to a country with no hope: As Pakistan intensifies its nationwide campaign against terrorism, more than 100,000 unregistered Afghan migrants are expected to be deported to their home country in 2016. In 2015, the government deported more than 85,000 Afghan migrants. (DW News – 01/02/2016)

More women and children than men seeking European asylum, says UNICEF: According to latest figures released by UNICEF, the number of women and children seeking safety in Europe has overtaken the number of men since the migrant crisis began. Children now make up more than one in three people seeking asylum in Europe. (The Guardian – 02/02/2016)

Have January raids deterred migrants from illegally crossing the border?: Following controversial raids on illegal migrants in US, the government release a new report which indicate a significant decline in number of children and families caught crossing its southern border. (Los Angeles Times – 03/02/2016) 

Australia high court: Offshore migrant camps are legal: The High Court in Australia rule that offshore processing of asylum seekers is valid under the constitution. The government has recently amended immigration rules allowing it to pay foreign countries like Nauru to run detention centers. (VOA – 03/02/2016) 

Australia may crack down on Syrian refugees: leaked document: In a policy document leaked to the media, Australia is reportedly considering tougher immigration regulations for thousands of refugees from Syria to minimize the risk of “extremist infiltration”(Reuters – 04/02/2016) 

Kuwait to deport undocumented Bangladeshis: Kuwait government announce plans to deport an estimated 100,000 undocumented migrants in the country. Nearly 20,000 migrants are reportedly from Bangladesh.(Dhaka Tribune – 04/02/2016)

Human-smuggling network extending into Canada uncovered: This article provides insight into ongoing Glauco investigations on criminal smuggling and trafficking networks operating from North Africa and Europe and now extending into North America. (The Globe and Mail – 05/02/2016) 

To help real refugees, be firm with economic migrants: In this opinion article, the author argues that true liberals must make a distinction between refugees and economic migrants, accept authoritarian measures to rapidly expel illegal migrants in order to help refugees. (The Guardian – 06/02/2016)

How to manage the migrant crisis: This article proposes various measures to help manage the migrant crisis in Europe. Some of the measures include curbing the push factors for migrants, reviewing asylum claims while refugees are still in reception centres in Middle East or hotspots in Greece and Italy and ensuring asylum seekers stay put while their claims are being processed. (The Economist – 06/02/2016)

Thailand: Transit point for smuggling Syrians to Europe: According to this article, smuggling networks are increasingly using Thailand as a transit point for Syrian asylum seekers hoping to reach Europe. Thailand has no legal framework for refugees and is not a signatory to the 1951 UN convention on refugees. (World Bulletin – 07/02/2016)
Turkey’s refugee smugglers adapt and prosper: This article gives an insight into migrant smuggling industry that is thriving in Turkey despite government crackdown and harsh winter weather conditions.(IRIN News – 08/02/2016)

India drafts new anti-trafficking bill, raises penalty for offenders: According to this article, India is drafting a bill aimed at curbing human trafficking by harmonizing several existing laws, raising penalties for offenders and providing for victims’ rehabilitation. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 10/02/2016) 

NATO allies launch sea mission against people-smugglers: NATO allies announce plans to send military vessels to the Aegean Sea to help Turkey and Greece crackdown on criminal networks smuggling migrants and refugees into Europe. Any migrants saved by NATO vessels will be returned to Turkey.(Thomson Reuters Foundation – 11/02/2016) 

Major powers agree to plan for 'cessation of hostilities' in Syria: Major powers including the US, Britain, France, Russia and other nations, agree to a cessation of hostilities in Syria and to provide rapid humanitarian access in the country. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 12/02/2016) 

More than 160 trafficked Nepalese rescued by India after earthquake - official: India’s security agencies rescue more than 160 Nepalese trafficked into the country since two powerful quakes struck Nepal last year. According to ILO, an estimated 12,000 Nepalese children are trafficked into India every year.(Thomson Reuters Foundation – 15/02/2016)

Refugees are becoming Russia's weapon of choice in Syria: Turkey launch a report warning that Russia is purposefully attempting to “weaponize” the refugee crisis to gain advantageous political and military leverage. (The Guardian – 16/02/2016)

Australia resumes talks with six countries to resettle asylum seekers: report: According to this article, Australia is reportedly in talks with Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines and other unidentified countries to resettle asylum seekers detained in Papua New Guinea and Nauru. (Reuters – 19/02/2016)

African parliamentarians call for lifting of barriers to ease movement: African parliamentarians appeal for common policies on migration, protection of migrants’ rights and lifting of barriers to ease human movement across the continent during the second African parliamentary conference on migration held in Djibouti. (All Africa – 19/02/2016)

971 illegal migrants including Nepali nabbed in Malaysia: Malaysian authorities arrest 971 foreign nationals in a countrywide crackdown following an earlier announcement by the government on suspension of foreign workers recruitment and deportation of illegal workers. (The Kathmandu Post – 21/02/2016)

Frontex: Morocco Helps Spain to Stem Illegal Immigration: According to Frontex, the number of irregular migrants going from Morocco into Spain through Melilla and Ceuta has significantly reduced due to cooperation between Spain, Morocco, Senegal and Mauritania. In 2015, 7,164 migrants crossed the border irregularly on the Western Mediterranean route. (Morocco World News – 21/02/2016)

The human smuggling and trafficking on the Horn of Africa - Central Mediterranean route report launched: IGAD launch a study report on human smuggling and trafficking on the Horn of Africa and Central Mediterranean route. The report identifies key Eritrean nationals involved in people smuggling and how they operate both in the country and abroad. (IGAD – 22/02/2016)

CAR refugees say they will only return when peace returns: Nearly 300,000 Central African Republic refugees in Cameroon hope that peace will prevail in their country before they can return. Violence erupted in C.A.R in March 2013 after Muslim Seleka rebels overthrew President Bozize from power.  Presidential elections were held in February 2016. (VOA – 22/02/2016)

U.S., Mexico reach agreement on migrant repatriation: The US and Mexican government sign a series of nine agreements dictating how, when and where unauthorized Mexican immigrants will be repatriated to their home country. (Albuquerque Journal – 23/02/2016) 

Asylum seeker boat turned back to Sri Lanka: Dutton: Australia’s immigration minister confirm that the border protection authorities have recently turned an asylum seeker boat back to Sri Lanka after those on board were found not to be refugees. (SBS – 23/02/2016) 

War crimes, illegal refugee returns marred 2015 human rights - Amnesty: According to Amnesty International’s 2015 human rights review report, more than 60 million people were displaced from their homes and at least 30 countries illegally forced refugees to return unsafe places in 2015. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 24/02/2016)

Kuwait to deport 1,170 illegal migrants: According to this article, Kuwait government is set to deport 1,170 illegal migrants detained during recent crackdowns in Kuwait City. Most of the migrants arrested are from Asian countries. (Emirates 247 – 24/02/2016)

Thousands of West Africans gain identity documents, one million still stateless - UN: Following a declaration signed in January 2015 by ECOWAS states to end statelessness, an estimated 20,000 people in Ivory Coast, Benin, and Mali have received identity documents. However, according to UNHCR about one million people in the region are stateless or at risk of statelessness. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 25/02/2016) 

UNHCR highlights right to safe return for refugees in Cameroon: UNHCR announce it will work closely with the governments of Cameroon and Nigeria to ensure the right of refugee to voluntary return in safety and dignity. Cameroon hosts more than 260,000 refugees from C.A.R, 70,000 Nigerian refugees and 158,000 IDPs. (UNHCR – 26/02/2016) 

Deadly new trend developing in African migration to Europe: IOM raises alarm regarding a new “horrific” trend in which African migrants are reportedly dying from asphyxiation on board smugglers’ boats during the dangerous sea crossing from Libya to Italy. (VOA – 27/02/2016)

Almost 70,000 Cambodian migrant workers were deported from Thailand in 2015: Thailand deported 67,087 Cambodian migrant workers in 2015 for failing to produce proper immigration documentation. According to the Thai government, there are more than 400,000 Cambodian nationals illegally living and working in the country. (Thai Visa News – 29/02/2016)

Germany seeks North African help to speed migrant deportations: Germany urges Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia to streamline procedures to accept more deported migrants to enable the country cope with the influx of migrants and asylum seekers. Germany intends to declare the North African countries as “safe” a move that has drawn sharp criticism from human rights organizations. (The Washington Post – 29/02/2016)

Nearly 40 refugees and migrants perish in latest Aegean boat sinking: Turkish coastguard rescue 75 migrants as another 37 are reported to have drowned after their boat capsized off the Greek island of Lesbos. (Newsweek – 01/02/2016)

Three million more migrants to come: Warning over new influx as 76,000 cross Med in past six weeks: According to this article, an estimated 3 million asylum-seekers are expected to arrive in Europe over the next two years, as a large number of asylum seekers are said to be economic migrants: (Daily Mail – 01/02/2016)

Finland to test drones on Russian border as migrant flow grows: Finland announce plans to test drones along its 1,340 km border with Russia as a growing number of migrants arrive from Russia. In January 2016, about 500 migrants crossed into the country compared to 700 in the whole of 2015. (Reuters – 01/02/2016)

More children die as refugee boat sinks off Turkey: Turkish coastguard rescue two migrants as another 9 are reported to have drowned after their boat capsized off the Greek island of Samos. (Al Jazeera – 02/02/2016)

Stop scapegoating Greece: This article explores the situation in Greece, now increasingly isolated and under pressure to stem migrant flows to Europe – yet the country continues to receive on average 2000 refugees and migrants every day. (IRIN News – 02/02/2016)

Norway/Russia: Don’t jeopardize asylum seekers: Human Rights Watch urge Norway to stop using fast-track procedures to return asylum seekers to Russia based on presumption it is a safe country. Norway has returned 13 asylum seekers to Russia since 2016 began. (Human Rights Watch – 03/02/2016) 

Germany: over 91,000 asylum-seekers arrived in January: More than 91,000 people registered as asylum seekers in Germany in January 2016 according to the government. Majority were from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. (IBT – 04/02/2016) 

Austria's finance minister asks EU to cover costs of additional migrants: Austria asks the European Commission to provide 600 million euros to cover the cost of taking in additional refugees in 2015. Austria budgeted for 35,000 asylum seekers but took in about 90,000 people in 2015. (Reuters – 06/02/2016) 

Life in hiding: Refugees in Europe evade deportation: This article highlights the situation of rejected asylum seekers in Sweden. Out of the 80,000 asylum seekers likely to be expelled, the migration agency expects half of them to choose a life of legal limbo and vanish. (Al Jazeera – 06/02/2016) 
Putting up barriers: This articles explores the impact of reintroducing border controls within Schengen following the unprecedented influx of refugees since 2015. Analysts estimate that hampering cross-border activity would reduce output in Schengen area by 110 billion euros over the next decade. (The Economist – 06/02/2016) 

Anti-immigration groups rally across Europe amid ongoing tensions: Anti-immigration and anti-Muslim demonstrations are held across Europe as Syrian refugees surge along Turkey’s border following renewed offensive by the Syrian government in Aleppo. (USA Today – 07/02/2016)  

First Syrian, Eritrean refugees arrive in Latvia under EU Relocation Plan: Latvian government announce that six refugees from Syria and Eritrea have arrived in the country from Greece under EU’s migrant relocation program. Latvia is due to take in 770 refugees under the program. (Sputnik News – 06/02/2016)

Migrant crisis: EU accepts Pakistan’s deportation terms: EU agrees to Pakistan’s terms on the mechanisms for deporting citizens. EU will send deportees strictly in line with Pakistan’s Readmission Accord and immigration procedures. (The Express Tribune – 08/02/2016)

At least 35 migrants drown in two accidents off Turkey: In two separate incidents, 35 migrants reportedly drown in Aegean Sea after their boats sank as they tried to cross from Turkey to Greece. 7 people were rescued by the coastguard. (Al Arabiya – 08/02/2016) 

Why ring-fencing Greece from Europe won’t solve anything: The author of this article argues that ring fencing Greece from the rest of EU will not stop the flow of migrants since migrants may find alternatives routes or go underground. Instead, EU should work with Turkey to crackdown on smuggling networks and provide incentives for migrants to remain in Turkey under humane conditions. (Reuters – 09/02/2016) 

Fear and loathing of refugees in Europe: In this op-ed, the author reviews three “bad ideas” implemented by EU to stem the influx of migrants and argues that the challenge is manageable via collective leadership while also upholding EU’s laws and values. (The World Post – 08/02/2016)

A smuggler’s-eye view of Turkey’s effort to stop the migrants: This article provides an insight into the smuggling industry in Turkey as the government steps up the crackdown on migrant smugglers. (The Economist – 08/02/2016)  

Journeys to Europe: the role of policy in migrant decision-making: ODI launch a research report that seeks to understand the journeys made by migrants by exploring the factors that drive them, and the capacity of EU’s migration policies to influence migrant decisions. (ODI – 10/02/2016) 

Nearly 4,000 children offered asylum in Britain as orphans were DEPORTED once they turned 18 - including to Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya: According to this article, the UK government admit to deporting 3,750 formerly unaccompanied asylum seeking children back to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran and Albania once they turned 18 between 2007 – 2015. (Daily Mail – 10/02/2016) 

Athens given deadline as EU looks to send more refugees back to Greece: EU gives Greece one month to improve conditions for asylum seekers in the hope of eventually sending refugees back to Greece under EU’s Dublin system. The Dublin rules allow member states to send back asylum seekers to the first country they arrived in. (The Guardian – 10/02/2016) 

New Greek law to include detention regime in ‘hotspots’: Greece is set to introduce a new detention regime in the ‘hotspots’ which will restrict free movement of asylum seekers within a ‘Reception and Identification Centre’ for an initial period of 3 days. (ECRE – 12/02/2016)

Thousands of Iraqi refugees leave Finland voluntarily: According to this article, about 4,100 Iraqi asylum seekers in Finland have cancelled their asylum applications and are ready to voluntarily return home citing family issues and disappointment with life in Finland. (Reuters – 12/02/2016)

Spring could bring a fresh surge of refugees. But Europe isn’t ready for them: This article highlight the migration crisis in Europe including the internal division among EU states to address the situation. The article argues EU is ill prepared to handle the predictable resurgence of the crisis due to “politics” (The Washington Post – 16/02/2016) 

What Greece and Europe must do for refugees: This opinion article offers proposals that can help address EU’s migration crisis including rebuilding trust among states and design of new asylum and immigration policies. (Newsweek – 16/02/2016)

Why resettlement is the most realistic response to the refugee crisis: In this commentary, the author argues for the four “Rs” i.e. resettlement, redistribution, readmissions and registration as a realistic alternative to address Europe’s refugee crisis. (European Council on Foreign Relations – 17/02/2016) 

Migrant crisis: Austria sets asylum claims cap and transit limit: Austria announces new asylum measures aimed at addressing the migrant crisis. The government will only accept 80 asylum applications per day and only a daily maximum of 3,200 people will be allowed to travel through the country. (BBC News – 17/02/2016) 

‘Islamic rape of Europe’: Polish magazine splashes ‘White Europa’ girl groped by migrant hands: A popular Polish magazine publishes a controversial graphic depiction of the rape of Europe’s women by migrants.(Breitbart - 17/02/2016) 

NATO enters the migration control business: In this opinion article, the author questions the recent introduction of NATO into the Euro-Med migration crisis and instead argues for EU cooperation with Greece in screening and registering asylum seekers, efficient relocation and resettlement of refugees in EU. (EU Observer – 18/02/2016) 

No more asylum seekers from Morocco, says Germany's most populous state citing crime: The government of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany announce it will no longer accept asylum seekers from Morocco following widespread sexual attacks on women in Cologne early 2016 allegedly perpetrated by migrants. (The Telegraph – 18/02/2016) 

Refugees allowed to EU must be employable - Dutch employers' federation: The president of Dutch employers association, Hans de Boer urge EU to only accept refugees who have a chance of finding a job and fit into European society to address the migration crisis. (Sputnik News – 19/02/2016) - 

Two migrants drown off Sicily, Italy coastguard says: Italian coastguard recover bodies of two migrants off the coast of Sicily as another 40 people reportedly from Libya and Tunisia are rescued. (Reuters – 19/02/2016) 

Europol launches the European Migrant Smuggling Centre: Europol launch the new European Migrant Smuggling Centre (EMSC) to support EU in dismantling criminal networks involved in organized migrant smuggling across the bloc. (Europol press – 22/02/2016) 

Rubber boats for Libyan human smugglers imported from China, transhipped through Malta: According to an EU report leaked by WikiLeaks, the inflatable rubber boats used by Libya’s people smugglers are being imported from China and transhipped to Libya through Malta and Turkey. 91% of all Central Mediterranean arrivals to EU in 2015 left from Libya. (Malta Independent – 22/02/2016) 

Cyprus President in Bulgaria: Efforts to solve migrant crisis should be focused on countries of origin: Cyprus President Nicos say in a press statement, “[…] migrant crisis, can be solved only through collective [EU] approach [and] requires our efforts to be focused on the countries of origin, which create this problem” (Focus News Agency-22/02/2016) 

UNHCR concerned by build-up along borders and additional hardships for refugees and asylum seekers: In a press statement, UNHCR raise concern on restrictive border measures adopted by European countries that are placing additional hardships on refugees and asylum seekers. (UNHCR press – 23/02/2016)  

Italy's navy rescues 700 migrants from six boats, four found dead: Italian coastguard rescue more than 700 migrants from six leaky boats in the sea between Tunisia and Sicily. According to IOM, more than 110,000 migrants have arrived in Greece and Italy and more than 400 have died in the Mediterranean since 2016 began. (Reuters – 23/02/2016)

Denmark urged to adopt 'Australian solution' and send asylum seekers to Greenland: European Affairs spokesman for Danish second largest political party urges his country to adopt an “Australian solution” and send asylum seekers to north-eastern Greenland and a country like Tanzania in exchange for development assistance. (ABC News – 24/02/2016) 

Germany sends home rejected Afghans: Germany deports 125 Afghan migrants as part of measures aimed at reducing the number of asylum seekers in the country. About 154,000 Afghan migrants arrived in Germany in 2015. (BBC News – 24/02/2016) 

Hungary to hold referendum on EU's refugee quotas: Hungary calls an anti-immigration referendum aimed at stopping European Council and Germany from forcing it to take in refugees under any EU quota schemes. (The Guardian – 24/02/2016) 

European nations slap new restrictions on migrants: This article provides an overview of recent measures adopted by various European countries to stem the influx of migrants including border fencing and controls.(Yahoo News – 25/02/2016) 

EU migrant crisis: Greece pulls Austria envoy as court orders part closure of Calais 'jungle' camp: Greece recalls its ambassador from Austria following a meeting in which Austria and Balkan states agreed to measures which will effectively trap migrants and asylum seekers in Greece. (ABC News – 26/02/2016) 

Norway police ORDERED to deport 9,000 this year… WITH FORCE: According to this article, Norwegian authorities order the police to forcefully deport more than 9,000 migrants by the end of 2016. In 2015, an estimated 7,825 migrants were expelled from the country. (Express – 26/02/2016)

Germany reports disappearance of 130,000 asylum seekers: An estimated 130,000 asylum seekers registered in Germany in 2015 have reportedly gone underground or moved to a different country according to authorities. (BBC News – 26/02/2016)

A rare setback for immigrant-bashing in Switzerland: The right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP) suffers defeat in a referendum calling for mandatory expulsion of foreigners convicted of even minor offences.(The Economist – 29/02/2016)  

The Latest: Hungary endorses referendum on EU migrant quotas: Hungary’s national election board endorse a referendum question by the government to reject EU quota plan for the relocation of migrants and refugees. (The Washington Post – 29/02/2016)

EU ready to impose more sanctions on Burundi: EU is set to strengthen economic sanctions on Burundi following failure of talks to end a political crisis in which more than 440 people have been killed and more than 200,000 have fled to neighbouring countries. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 15/02/2016) 

35 Egyptians released from immigration detention centres in Libya: 35 Egyptian migrants held on charges of illegal immigration are released from Libya’s immigration detention centers. According to Egyptian authorities, there are an estimated 800,000 – 1 million Egyptian migrants workers residing in Libya. (Daily News Egypt – 03/02/2016)

Egypt migrant departures stir new concern in Europe: According to this article, migrant smuggling gangs are increasingly using the Egyptian route as security situation in Libya worsens. (Reuters – 28/02/2016)

IOM relocates Somali asylum seekers in Ethiopia: IOM in collaboration with UNHCR and Ethiopian authorities relocate 621 Somali asylum seekers from Sheder to Dollo Ado refugee camps in Ethiopia. The asylum seekers fled conflict in Yemen. (IOM Press – 16/02/2016)

Ethiopia: 3,000 victims of human trafficking intercepted: Ethiopia’s National Council on Prevention and Control of Human Trafficking report that it has intercepted 3,800 individuals attempting to enter the country illegally and deported them to respective countries of origin. (StarAfrica – 17/02/2016)

Eritrea won't shorten national service despite migration fears: According to this article, European nations accuse Eritrean government for back-tracking on commitments made in 2015 to fix the national service at 18 months. Eritrea’s conscription policy has been cited as a key push factor by Eritreans fleeing the country. (Reuters – 25/02/2016) 

Crises give Eritrea routes for closer global engagement: According to this article, Europe’s migration crisis and the conflict in Yemen have created opportunities for Eritrea to draw closer to EU and deepen ties with Gulf Arab states. According to UN estimates, 5,000 Eritreans flee the country each month. (Yahoo News – 29/02/2016)

Israel's unwanted African migrants: This article highlights the plight of two African migrants offered a cash incentive of $3,500 by Israeli government to voluntarily depart to third African countries where they’d be granted legal status or face indefinite imprisonment in Israel. According to BBC, the two unnamed African countries are Rwanda and Uganda. (BBC News – 03/02/2016)

Israeli Government Passes Law to Detain Asylum Seekers for One Year: Israel passes the fourth version of the amendment to the Anti-Infiltration Law. Under the new amendment, asylum seekers can be detained for a maximum period of one year in the Holot detention facility located near the border with Egypt.(Haaretz Newspaper – 08/02/2016)

Nine Ethiopians illegally in Kenya fined KSh. 100,000 each: Nine Ethiopian nationals are arrested and fined Ksh.100,000 each or one year in jail for being in Kenya illegally. Two Eritreans also arrested together with the Ethiopians were referred to UNHCR for determination of their refugee status. (Daily Nation – 16/02/2016) 

Malian migrants stranded in Libya fly home: IOM in collaboration with Malian and Libyan authorities provide voluntary repatriation assistance to a group of 174 Malian migrants stranded in Tripoli. (IOM Press – 05/02/2016)

Despairing migrants flown home: IOM provides repatriation assistance to 117 Burkina Faso nationals stranded in Libya. The number of migrants in Libya wanting to go home is reportedly on the rise. (Libya Herald – 28/02/2016)

Malawi holds national consultation on mixed and irregular migration: IOM in collaboration with the government of Malawi hold a national consultative meeting to address mixed and irregular migration. Priority areas to be addressed by the government and partners include: Protection of unaccompanied migrant children, statelessness, return and alternatives to detention. (MENAFN Press – 12/02/2016)

Somalia: Puntland president declares drought emergency: President of Somalia’s Puntland government declares a state of drought emergency which has been induced by El-Nino. An estimated 1.2 million people in rural areas are reportedly food insecure. (Garowe Online – 05/02/2016)

South Sudan
South Sudan president re-appoints rival under peace deal: South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir re-appoints his rival Riek Machar as vice president in a deal aimed at ending months of civil war in the country.(Thomson Reuters Foundation – 11/02/2016)

Fresh fighting in South Sudan displaces up to 26,000 people: According to UNHCR, fresh fighting between ethnic Dinka and Shilluk at a site for IDPs in Malakal, South Sudan has displaced up to 26,000 people. The site was hosting 48,000 IDPs. (UNHCR – 19/02/2016)

South Africa
Desperate Malawians flock to SA: An estimated 1,154 Malawian immigrants are currently being detained at South Africa’s Lindela Repatriation Centre and their numbers are increasing in what authorities attribute to deepening economic hardship back home. A government crackdown in the wake of nationwide xenophobic attacks in 2015, resulted in the repatriation to their home countries of 15,000 undocumented immigrants.(Amabhungane – 26/02/2016)

Ghana receives from South Africa 21 traffic children: 21 Ghanaian minors ranging from ages of nine and 16 are flown back to Ghana after they were rescued by South African authorities. (News Ghana – 26/02/2016)

Sudan receives 100 million euros from EU to stem irregular migrants: EU announces a 100 million euro package to support Sudan address root causes of irregular migration as part of EU Emergency Trust Fund.  (Sudan Tribune – 18/02/2016)

Dangerous Mediterranean crossing killed record number of migrants in 2015 - agency: IOM announce that at least 3,770 migrants and refugees perished in 2015 trying to reach Europe by crossing the Mediterranean sea. "Throughout the year, we have been reminded that much of human mobility is not voluntary," said IOM Director General William Lacy Swing in a statement. (Thomson Reuters Foundation - 31/12/2015)

Libya’s migrant-smuggling highway: Lessons for Europe: This policy briefing by European Council on Foreign Relations urges EU to tackle human smuggling by opening more legal channels for migration and supporting new economic models for border communities in Libya who make their living from smuggling. (EU Bulletin – 06/01/2016)

A better year for migrants?: In this op-ed, Peter Sutherland reviews lessons from migration crisis in 2015 and proposes key priorities for EU in 2016. These include creating safe and legal paths for refugees to reach Europe and building a robust global system to protect refugees and migrants. (Project Syndicate – 07/01/2017) 

Europe must do better on refugees: In this op-ed, the author urges EU to do a better job on migration by opening legal channels for migration, ensuring protection for migrants and sanctioning countries that refuse to settle qualified asylum seekers. (New York Times – 08/01/2016)

Sharp drop in Rohingya migrants after Thai, Bangladesh crackdowns: UN announce that the number of migrants leaving Myanmar and Bangladesh by boat has declined due to crackdowns on human smugglers by Thai and Bangladeshi authorities. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 08/01/2016)

Turkey plans to introduce work permits for Syrian refugees, minister says: Turkey plans to offer work permits to Syrian refugees in an attempt to stem onwards migration to Europe. "We are trying to reduce the pressure for illegal migration by giving Syrians in Turkey work permits," said Volkan Bozkir, Turkey's minister for European Affairs. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 11/01/2016)
Mass migration into Europe is unstoppable: The author of this article gives three reasons why mass migration into Europe is unstoppable. For example the possible increase in number of countries afflicted by war or state failure. (Financial Times – 11/01/2016)

US weighs permanent naval deployment in Mediterranean: The US Navy is reportedly weighing permanent deployment in the Mediterranean to assist European nations cope with the migrant crisis. (Sputnik News– 12/01/2016)

Democrats urge Obama to stop ‘inhumane’ deportation raids: This article provides a rundown of Democrats who are urging US president to protect Central American families seeking to stay permanently in the country through the asylum process. (Think Progress – 12/01/2016) 

244 million international migrants living abroad worldwide: According to UN, the number of international migrants reached 244 million in 2015 in the world, a 41% increase compared to 2000. This figure includes almost 20 million refugees. (UN Press – 12/01/2016) 

First group of stranded Cuban migrants leaves Costa Rica: A first group of 180 Cubans out of an estimated 8,000 Cubans stranded in Costa Rica, are flown to El Salvador as part of a program by Central American countries meant to facilitate their movement to US. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 13/01/2016)

Refugee crisis: Bridging the gap between old and new Europe: In this article, the author highlights the division between western (old) and eastern (new) EU states in addressing the migration crisis, and calls for a viable and sustainable plan informed by mature dialogue and one that recognizes EU’s diversity.(European Public Affairs – 13/01/2016)

New measures proposed to improve stability and tackle the root causes of irregular migration and displaced persons in Africa: European Commission announce the adoption of 10 measures worth more than 100 million euros to assist the Sahel region tackle the root causes of irregular migration and instability. (EU News – 14/01/2016)

New research: How are the war in Syria and the refugee crisis affecting human trafficking?: ICMPD release a new study which finds that Syrian refugees are often trafficked or exploited because they are not able to meet their basic needs. ICMPD calls for infrastructure investment and humanitarian aid in countries hosting the refugees (ICMPD – 14/01/16)

People smuggler cash scandal: Jail for boat crew paid by Australian official to turn back: A captain and 5 crew members of an asylum seeker boat are sentenced to over five years in jail and fined over 500 million rupiah by an Indonesian court on people smuggling charges. (The Sydney Morning Herald – 17/01/2016)

Time to get real about migrant deaths: The Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime in partnership with Institute for Security Studies (ISS) launch a report detailing the smuggling component of the current rise in migration. (ISS – 19/01/2016)

The African refugee crisis and smugglers of humanity: The author of this article argues that insufficient focus on African refugee crisis – compared to Middle East – is likely to increase reliance on smuggling networks as the only option for African migrants to reach Europe. (Harvard Political Review – 20/01/2016)

'Drop visas for Africans in Africa': African Union Commissioner for Social Affairs, Dr Mustapha Kaloko urge African countries to ease their visa policies to stem emigration from the continent. “Easier movement of people across borders like what we see generally in West Africa won’t stop migration to richer nations, but the economic benefits will lessen the impact” he said. (eNCA – 29/01/2016)

Record-breaking 13,000 asylum seekers arrive in Spain in 2015: UNHCR announce that a record 13,000 asylum seekers arrived in Spain in 2015 – more than twice the 2014 number of 5,895. (The Local – 31/12/2015)

Boy, 2, is first migrant casualty of the year, with 10 others injured: A 2 year old Syrian boy is reportedly the first sea migrant casualty of 2016 following a shipwreck on the Aegean island of Nera. 35 migrants were rescued. (Europe Online – 02/01/2016)

Reports of attacks on women in Germany heighten tension over migrants: Tension over migrants heighten in Germany following sexual attacks on women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve allegedly by people of North Africa and Arabic origin. (The New York Times – 05/01/2016) 

Germany recorded 1.1 mn asylum seekers in 2015: German authorities announce that a record 1.1 million asylum seekers were registered in 2015, five times more than in previous year. Syrian refugees make up almost 40% of the 2015 figure. (Yahoo News – 05/01/2016)

Migrant crisis: Seven young among 34 dead in Turkey: Bodies of 34 people wash up on Turkey’s Aegean Coast. According to IOM, at least 2,500 people travelled each day from Turkey to Greece in the first week of January despite rough seas and cold winter weather. (The Irish Times – 06/01/2016) 

Germany assesses deportation policy for migrants in wake of Cologne sex attacks: Following sex attacks on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, allegedly perpetrated by persons of Arabian and North African origin, Germany is set to review its deportation policy to facilitate increased ability to deport criminal asylum seekers. (Newsweek – 08/01/2016) 

After assaults in Cologne, Merkel proposes tougher asylum laws: Germany’s Angela Merkel proposes tougher expulsion laws for foreigners who commit crimes in the wake of sexual attacks on women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. (New York Times – 08/01/2016) 

Migrant invasion will reach OVER 10 MILLION warns German minister: Warning that eight to ten million migrants are on their way to Europe, Germany’s Development Minister Gerd Müller, calls for a 10 billion euro “Marshall Plan” to rebuild war torn countries to stem the flow of migrants into Europe. (Breitbart – 10/01/2016) 

Belgium smashes ring smuggling migrants to Britain: police: Belgium police smash a ring that possibly smuggled up to 30,000 migrants into Britain between May and November 2015. (Egypt Independent – 11/01/2016) 

1 Migrant dead, 4 missing after abandoning boat south of Italy: 37 migrants, mostly of Somali origin, are rescued by Italian coast guard off Santa Maria di Leuca coast after being forced by smugglers to abandon the boat carrying them to Europe. (La Prensa – 11/01/2016) 

Swedish police to investigate sexual assault cover-up allegations: Swedish authorities order investigations into allegations that officers covered up sexual assaults by migrant youths on teenage girls during a festival in Stockholm. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 11/01/2016) 

Austria turns away 3,000 migrants in 20 days: Austrian authorities report that about 3,000 migrants had been turned away for making false asylum claims. (Washington Post – 13/01/2016)

France receives 79,000 asylum applications in 2015: French authorities announce that 79,130 asylum applications were received last year - a 22% increase over 2014. Only 31.5% of asylum claims in 2015 were granted. (Europe Online – 12/01/2016) 

For Europe, integrating refugees is the next big challenge: In this article, the author urges EU to establish a functional integration system for refugees with provisions for legal status, appropriate accommodation, access to employment and education and family reunification. (Human Rights Watch – 13/01/2016) 

Refugee crisis: Commission reviews 2015 actions and sets 2016 priorities: European Commission reviews the status of key actions agreed in 2015 and sets priorities for 2016 to address the refugee crisis. These include relocation and resettlement, hotspots, return, Schengen and European Border and Coast Guard.(European Commission Press – 13/01/2016) 

Switzerland, like Denmark, seize assets from refugees to cover costs: Switzerland unveils new asylum regulations that require refugees and asylum seekers to surrender to the state assets worth about $1,000 to help pay for their upkeep. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 14/01/2016)

Failed EU relocation plan leaves refugees in limbo: This article highlights the plight of asylum seekers stuck in Greece following “dismal failure” by EU to relocate 160,000 asylum seekers from Greece and Italy to other EU states. (IRIN News – 18/01/2016)

Refugees in Europe? Here’s a different reason people are saying no to them: The author of this article provides an alternative explanation as to why many Europeans oppose refugees: “locals do not want their everyday lives altered by a new, potentially intrusive element” (Washington Post – 18/01/2016) 

These are the forgotten sexual assault victims in Europe: Despite heightened focus in Europe about sexual assault allegedly by asylum seekers, Amnesty International launch a report indicating that female refugees face assaults, harassment and exploitation in destination countries in Europe. (The Washington Post – 18/01/2016) 

Migrant spouses who fail English test may have to leave UK, says Cameron: David Cameron announce forthcoming regulations that may require migrants who fail language tests after two and a half years in UK to leave the country. (The Guardian -18/01/2016) 

Petition urging Theresa May to scrap £35,000 threshold for non-EU migrants soars past 50,000 signatures: Tens of thousands petition the UK government to scrap new rules set to come into effect in April 2016 which require non-EU migrants to show they are earning more than GBP 35,000 or be deported. (The Independent – 18/01/2016)

Germany seeks to limit migration from North Africa: Following sexual attacks on women in Cologne allegedly by migrants from North Africa, Germany intends to declare Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia ‘safe countries’ to limit migration from these countries and make deportation easier. (Reuters – 18/01/2016) 

Refugee crisis: EU 'first country' rule change puts pressure on UK to take more asylum seekers: EU’s rule requiring refugees to register in the first European country they enter is set to be abolished. This means richer destination countries will have to establish registration and fingerprinting infrastructure while countries such as Britain may find it difficult to turn back migrants to other EU states. (The Independent – 19/01/2016) 

How the EU plans to overhaul ‘Dublin Regulation’ on asylum claims: In this article, the author reviews the Dublin Regulations, its shortcomings during the migrant crisis in 2015 and potential plans by Brussels to overhaul the system. (Financial Times – 19/01/2016)

Migrant crisis: Norway begins deportations to Russia: Norway sends 13 migrants back to Russia under new rules that deny entry into the country by migrants arriving from countries deemed as safe. Another 5,500 migrants are due to be transported in coming days. (BBC – 20/01/2016)

Over 200 refugees from Syria, Eritrea sue German migrant service: Over 200 refugees from Eritrean and Syria start legal proceedings against Germany’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees demanding faster processing of their asylum applications to enable them work and study. (Sputnik News – 20/01/2016)

Austria says will slash asylum claims, strengthen border checks: Austria declares it will cap the number of asylum claims to 37,000 in 2016 and further down to 25,000 per year by 2019. (Reuters – 20/01/2016) 

EU border closures would cost three billion euros a year, Juncker says: European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker warn that impulsive measures to curb migrant flows would hurt EU economy. “[…] once they [borders] are all closed we will see that the economic cost is huge,” he said. (Reuters – 20/01/2016)

German, Turkish police arrest 15 in migrant smuggler raids: German and Turkish authorities announce the arrest of 15 people believed to have participated in smuggling 1766 migrants across the Mediterranean into Europe. It is estimated that the smugglers earned at least $9.5 million. (Wall Street Journal – 20/01/2016) 

Bulgaria: Pushbacks, abuse at borders: Human Rights Watch document incidents of abuse and summary returns of migrants from Bulgaria to Turkey by law enforcement officials. (Human Rights Watch – 20/01/2016) 
Migrants cross after Macedonia reopens Greek border: An estimated 2000 migrants cross into Macedonia after the country conditionally reopened its border with Greece. Only migrants whose Greek registration papers show their final destination as Germany or Austria were allowed to enter. (Yahoo News – 21/01/2016) 

Denmark considers moving migrants to camps outside cities: Danish parliament approves a resolution that will require the government to move migrants into camps outside cities and towns. Anti-immigration political parties hope this will shift government immigration policy towards repatriation. (Reuters – 21/01/2016) 

IMF proposes prickly solutions for Europe’s refugee ‘challenges’: In a study presented during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, IMF urge European countries to suspend some of their existing asylum rules and instead turn to creative new solutions such as allowing asylum seekers to work pending approval of their claims. (Euronews – 21/01/2016) 

Dozens drown as two migrant smuggling boats sink near Greek islands: Greek coast guard rescue more than 70 people after two wooden boats sankin the Aegean Sea. More than 40 people are reported to have drowned. (Los Angeles Times – 22/01/2016) 

‘SEXUAL TERRORISM’: Geert Wilders says we must stop Europe’s ‘Testosterone Bombs’: Dutch politician Geert Wilders call for all male asylum seekers in Europe to be kept within asylum centres to prevent Muslim “testosterone bombs” from waging “sexual jihad” (Breitbart – 22/01/2016) 

Turkey is doing the dirty work of Europe’s immigration control: The author of this article argues that EU’s policy in relation to Turkey is motivated more by a desire to keep unwanted migrants and asylum seekers from entering Europe than by finding a humanitarian solution to the migration crisis. (Open Democracy – 22/01/2016)

Over 700 African refugees rescued in Mediterranean: About 723 migrants are rescued in the Mediterranean in six different operations carried out by EU task force and Italian coast guard. Majority of the migrants were of African origin. (eNCA – 25/01/2016)

Danish parliament approves plan to seize assets from refugees: Danish parliament approves a new law that will allow police to search asylum seekers and confiscate cash and any non-essential items worth more than 1,000 GBP. Similar regulations have been announced in Switzerland and southern Germany.(The Guardian – 26/01/2016) 

Netherlands claimed more than £500,000 from refugees in four years: Refugees in Netherlands have paid more than €700,000 over the past four years to cover the cost of living in asylum seekers centres. Working refugees hand over up to 75% of their income. (The Guardian – 25/01/2016) 

More than 1,200 boat migrants rescued off Libya on Tuesday: Italian coast guard: Italian coast guard announce that an estimated 1,271 migrants have been rescued off the Libyan coast. (Reuters – 26/01/2016) 

60 per cent of ‘Refugees’ are really economic migrants admits EU Commissioner: “More than half of the people now coming to Europe come from countries where you can assume they have no reason whatsoever to ask for refugee status. More than half, 60 per cent” said Frans Timmermans, the European Commission’s First Vice-President in an interview. (Breitbart – 26/01/2016)

Migrant crisis: Why are countries taking refugees' valuables?: This article reviews recent regulations in some EU states which allow authorities to seize cash and other valuables from asylum seekers. According to analysts, this is aimed at discouraging or deterring migrants and asylum seekers. (BBC News – 26/01/2016) 

Six migrants drown as vessel sinks off Greek island: According to Greek coast guard, six migrants including one child drowned when their vessel sank off the Greek island of Kos. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 27/01/2016)

Six ways the EU has tried and failed to solve the migrant crisis: The author of this article reviews six policy measures launched by EU to address the migration crisis – and which according to the author, have failed to achieve intended objectives. (The Telegraph – 27/01/2016)

Sweden prepares to expel up to 80,000 migrants: Swedish government announce plans to deport about 80,000 asylum seekers whose claims have been rejected. The government estimates that about 45% of all claims received in 2015 have been rejected. (DW News – 28/01/2016)

EU 'should expect another MILLION migrants this year': UN warns of flood of economic refugees from Asia and North Africa: UN warns that one million more migrants will arrive in Europe in 2016 with increasing number of economic migrants coming from south west Asia and northern and western Africa. (Daily Mail – 28/01/2016)

Gateway to Britain: Economic migrants targeting Spanish colonies as route into EU and UK: According to this article, economic migrants are increasingly turning to Ceuta and Melilla in Morocco, as an alternative to the deadly routes into Greece and Italy. There are an estimated 5,000 Syrian refugees in Morocco.(Express – 28/01/2016) 

24 die after Iraqi Kurdish refugees’ boat sinks off Greek island: At least 24 people drown after a boat carrying Iraqi Kurds capsize off the Greek island of Samos in Aegean Sea. In a separate operation, Italian navy rescue 290 migrants and recover six bodies off Libyan coast. (New York Times – 28/01/2016) 

Finland expects to expel 20,000 of last year's asylum seekers: Finnish authorities announce that nearly 20,000 migrants out of the 32,000 who sought asylum in 2015 will be deported. (Reuters – 28/01/2016) 

Germany accused of ‘paying’ African countries to take back ‘foreign’ asylum seekers: According to Pro Azyl, a German refugee rights organization, Germany is allegedly giving financial incentives to some African countries to accept rejected asylum seekers regardless of their actual country of origin. (RT – 30/01/2016) 

More than 10,000 children 'missing': EU’s police intelligence unit, Europol, announce that more than 10,000 child migrants may have vanished after arriving in Europe over the past two years. According to Save the Children, about 26,000 unaccompanied child migrants arrived in Europe in 2015. (BBC – 31/01/2016)

Austria to repatriate 50,000 asylum seekers over three years: Austrian government announce plans to repatriate 50,000 asylum seekers over the next three years. The plan include a financial incentive of 500 euros if a migrant voluntarily leaves within three months and an expanded list of safe countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Ghana, Georgia and Mongolia. (DW News– 31/01/2016) 

Burundi on the brink of civil war as peace talks collapse: This article reviews the situation in Burundi, with experts warning that a descent into civil war is possible due to government’s refusal to participate in peace talks. More than 230,000 Burundians have fled the country into neighbouring countries. (Newsweek – 07/01/2016) 

Israel, the west, and the migration challenge: The author of this article reviews the immigration policies in Israel and argues that the country’s standard of living and proximity to conflict afflicted states in Middle East and Africa expose the country to illegal immigration unless a clear, resolute policy is enacted.(Canada Free Press – 12/01/2016)

Jordan cracks (down) under refugee pressure: This article highlight the refugee crisis in Jordan following the deportation of at least 600 Sudanese asylum seekers by the government. The country currently hosts almost 700,000 refugees and asylum seekers from more than 40 nations. (IRIN News – 06/01/2016)

U.N. agency eyes 50,000 Somalis returning from Kenyan camp: UNHCR in Kenya expects an estimated 50,000 Somali refugees in Kenya to return home this year. 1200 Somali refugees have voluntarily returned back to Somali in January 2016. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 21/01/2016) 

Kenya to get Sh19 billion from EU for refugees: EU announce 77 million euro in aid to help Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia provide assistance to about 1.7 million refugees. This is part of the EU Humanitarian Implementation Plan for 2016. (AllAfrica – 22/01/2016)

Life in Dadaab: three generations of refugees isolated from Kenyan society: This article highlights the life of refugees in Dadaab and calls for their full integration – as opposed to isolation - into the Kenyan society.(The Guardian – 27/01/2016) 

Lebanon: Stop forcible returns to Syria: Human Rights Watch petition the Lebanese government to stop forcible return of Syrians fleeing conflict in their country. At least 400 Syrians planning to fly to Turkey were forcibly returned to Syria according to the agency. (Human Rights Watch – 11/01/2016) 

Rights group: Lebanese residency laws put Syrians at risk: Human Rights Watch warn that recent Lebanese residency laws expose Syrian refugees to exploitation and abuse. To stay in Lebanon, Syrian refugees are required to register with UNHCR or find a Lebanese citizen to sponsor them. (WSB Radio – 12/01/2016)

ISIS massacred over 300 West African migrants in Libya on New Year’s Day: More than 300 West African migrants are reportedly massacred by ISIS in Tripoli, Libya on New Year’s Day. (Freedom Newspaper – 01/01/2016) 

IOM assists Sub-Saharan migrants stranded in Libya in their return: IOM assists 154 Senegalese and 133 Burkinabe migrants stranded in Libya to return to their respective countries. Most of them were held for months in Libya’s immigration detention centers. (IOM Press - 08/01/2016)

Fearful Mozambicans flee as old foes clash: An estimated 3500 Mozambicans have reportedly fled into Malawi following an escalation of conflict in Mozambique. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 25/01/2016)

Somalia boat tragedy leaves 122 refugees dead: At least 112 Ethiopian and Somali migrants drown off the coast of Somaliland as another 75 are rescued by the coast guard. (Sky News – 10/01/2016)

Ethiopian Survivors of Somalia Boat Tragedy Return Home: IOM provides repatriation assistance to 64 Ethiopians who survived the boat tragedy that took place off the coast of Somaliland in early January 2016. (IOM Press – 29/01/2016) 

South Sudan
Congolese refugees flee new South Sudan fighting: Majority of Congolese refugees living in Ezo region, South Sudan, have reportedly fled back to DRC and Central Africa Republic, following an eruption of clashes between government forces and so called Arrow Boys in late 2015. (UNHCR Press – 28/01/2016)

U.N. urges more Darfur aid access as fighting displaces 34,000: UN urges Sudan to allow more aid to western region of Darfur where recent fighting has displaced an estimated 34,000 people. (Thomson Reuters Foundation - 27/01/2016)

Tanzania: Urgent support needed for refugees as humanitarian situation deteriorates: IFRC launch an emergency appeal in Tanzania to support hundreds of Burundian refugees crossing into Tanzania. An estimated 232,000 people have fled Burundi since conflict erupted in April 2015 with more than half of them seeking refuge in Tanzania. (IFRC – 21/01/2016) 

Tanzania threatens to deport migrants from drought-hit Ethiopia: Tanzanian authorities launch an operation to arrest and prosecute / deport Ethiopians and other foreigners living or working illegally in the country.(Yahoo News – 27/01/2016)

UNHCR warns against perilous Horn of Africa sea crossings: UNHCR release the latest data on sea arrivals to Yemen. Despite the ongoing conflict in Yemen, 92,446 people arrived in the country by boat in 2015 with 95 deaths reported in the same period. (UNHCR -19/01/2016)

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