Regional Mixed Migration Monthly Summaries

The RMMS compiles a summary each month of all relevant movement with statistics, where known, as well as descriptions of political events and policy changes affecting mixed migration in the region. Monthly summaries are available from 2011.





Trend Analysis

The RMMS tracks the latest trends in terms of political context, national policy and data that have an impact on mixed migration flows within and out of the region. This section offers quarterly trend analysis as well as end of year summaries.


National, regional and international press cover different aspects of news relating to smuggling, trafficking, refugees and economic migrants in the region. This section offers a monthly review of all articles relevant to mixed migration in the news with easy links to the original presentation.

RMMS Research Initiatives

Research is one of the central pillars of the work of RMMS. This section lists the current and anticipated areas of research as well as past publications. RMMS research projects are also reported under the Publications section of this website.

Featured Articles

As part of its analysis and advocacy work the RMMS regularly offers featured articles on important contemporary mixed migration issues. This section presents the archives of past and present articles relating to mixed migration in the region and beyond.

Film & Documentaries

Any film record, news clip or documentary relating to mixed migration relevant to the Horn of Africa and Yemen region is listed in this section, offering the viewer an archive listing (with links) of past and present films.




Statistics at a Glance

New Arrivals along Yemen’s coast


2014 December


Total arrival in 2014


Non- Somali (Ethiopian)

2014 December


Total arrival in 2014


Refugees and asylum seekers in Kenya*


Nairobi Population


Total population in Kenya as of







Nairobi population


Total population in Kenya as of December 2014


Refugees in Ethiopia



South Sudanese



Total as of December






256,975 (194,546 arrived since December 2013)






IDPs in Somalia***




Estimated total(October 2014)


Source UNHCR. *As of December 2014, there are officially 51,279 refugees and asylum seekers in Nairobi (including Sudanese, Eritrean, Congolese nationals). Unofficially the figure is estimated to be much higher.