About RMMS

Who we are & what we do

Forced migrants in Dadaab refugee camp (photo: Sanjit Das/Panos)

The overall objective of the RMMS is to support agencies, institutions and forums in the Horn of Africa and Yemen sub-region to improve the management of protection and assistance response to people in mixed migration flows in the Horn of Africa and across the Gulf of Aden or Red Sea in Yemen. 
The Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat (RMMS) is a regional hub aiming to provide:

  • Support and coordination 
  • Synthesis, analysis and research
  • Information and data management
  • Advocacy

It hopes to act as an independent agency acting as a catalyst, and where appropriate, as an ‘agent provocateur’ to stimulate forward thinking and policy development in the sector dealing with mixed migration. Its overarching focus and emphasis is on human rights, protection and assistance.

The RMMS aims to address overall regional migration and asylum challenges identified by the Inter Agency Standing Committee’s Mixed Migration Task Force (IASC MMTF), and coordinate closely with existing Mixed Migration Task Forces (MMTFs in Puntland, Somaliland, Djibouti, South Central Somalia and Yemen - all co-chaired by UNHCR and IOM).The establishment of the RMMS was a response to key recommendations from the Regional Conferences on mixed migration in the Gulf of Aden, attended by agencies and authorities from the region (held in Yemen 2008 and Djibouti 2009). A meeting in Djibouti in March 2011 served to specifically consult on and discuss the establishment of the RMMS. In June 2011 the secretariat coordinator was hired and by mid-July 2011 the secretariat formally commenced its work.

The strategic orientation of the RMMS is therefore to support and enhance the protection of people in mixed migration flows in the Horn of Africa and Yemen region, as an integrated element within a wide-reaching mixed migration protection strategy developed by the actors engaged in mixed migration issues.The creation of the RMMS is therefore part of a wider development of regional initiatives to support migration development.

Currently the secretariat is a small unit co-located with the Danish Refugee Council’s regional office (East and Horn of Africa) in Nairobi, Kenya which hosts and supports the RMMS. The RMMS core Steering Committee and founding agencies are UNHCR, IOM, DRC, Intersos and the Yemen Mixed Migration Task Force.