Voices on the move story

“The sea is dangerous…… it will eat me.”

Posted on Tuesday, August 14 2012 at 17:04 -

IDP camp, Hargesia. Photo: Pooja Bhalla

Deka Issa Mohammed is a 25 year old Somali married female who has been living in a camp for the internally displaced in Hargesia for approximately one year. She explains that when fighting erupted in Mogadishu, she, her husband and child fled from her home. During flight, she was separated from her husband. At the time she was three months pregnant with her second child.

The noise and fire

“There was fighting and bullets and bombs…so much noise and fire. He [Deka’s husband] said run, run. Then I looked back and he was not there. I lost him in the noise. I do not know if he was eaten by the fire. The bullets they make me leave my home. Also no medicine in Mogadishu. Two of my children died there because a lot of disease and no medicine.”

I really don’t know what is this IDP

“I came here to this camp. First I went to Galkacyo but is was not good. So I came with other people to Hargesia. On the way we had to beg for food…it was very sad to see my child going hungry.  I thought now things will get better, my children will be safe.  Living here, it is all open. When the rains come there is so much water and flooding. I have small children so I worry. Nobody looks after us…we are from Mogadishu and different from these Somalilanders.

I am not registered as an IDP [internally displaced person]…I heard people in the camp talking about this but I really don’t understand  what is this IDP. I just live here and nobody stopped me or asked me any questions….”

The sea….will eat me

“If I get transport and the fire stops I will go back home. It is where I grew up and my children should also. I will not go to another country. The sea is dangerous, I do not know it and it will eat me. I have small children…I did not feed them yesterday and I have no breast milk for my small baby.”